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The Ultimate Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Holiday Edition

In the spirit of the holiday season and capturing the feeling of hominess, we rounded up three all-star bloggers for a very special project. Their task? Overhaul a Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ with a holiday twist. Vote for your favorite “flipped” playhouse for a chance to win a $250 gift card!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is finally starting to cool off, holiday displays flank store fronts, and folks are scrambling to find the perfect gift for someone special. As adults, we often find ourselves reminiscing about holiday seasons gone by, thinking of those epic toys that magically showed up, trying to recreate the taste of grandma’s cooking; the list goes on and on.

At, we know that the home is center stage during the holiday season. When you chose that particular place to call yours, there were key features you fell in love with; maybe it was the family room you knew could hold all of your relatives (and some unexpected guests) or the way the kitchen flows with the rest of the house.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we rounded up three all-star bloggers for a very special project. Their task? Overhaul a Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ with a holiday twist. Whether it’s a home from a magical candy land, a cozy traditional-style home reminiscent of days gone by, or a cozy buffalo plaid cottage, we have all of your holiday inspiration in one spot.

This is where YOU come in!

Each of these bloggers created a step-by-step tutorial on crafting their holiday houses. We need you to tell us which one the overall best in the show by voting in the comments. Want to know the best part? Just by voting, YOU have a chance at winning a $250 gift card and, the best part, the winning blogger will be able to send $750 to the charity of her choice. What a great way to spread a little holiday cheer!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the amazing designs from At Charlotte’s House, Ellison Made, and Thrift Diving then cast your vote below!

Good luck, and happy holidays!

vote for your favorite remodeled Little Tikes cottage

Contest Rules: Only one vote per person. Voting closes at 12:00 pm., EST on Friday, November 22, 2019. The winner will be announced on our blog and social channels on or around Friday, November 22, so stay tuned! See the full list of rules here.
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2,843 Replies to The Ultimate Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Makeover: Holiday Edition

  1. C!!! So cute! Overall great ideas! Looking forward to doing this for my children one day!!! Wold love to see more of these contests!

  2. the Thrift Diving Home was the best because she thought out the box. the others were good but I like that she used christmas-sy fabric and decorations but it could still be used all year long.

  3. Hooray! I love this friendly competition. They’re all three so cool. My vote goes to A, Serena’s Thrift Diving creation. I want to have a holiday in that little jewel! It’s classy and so fun.

  4. I vote for A Thrift Diving! Really cute and I love the Black and Red! The lights are an adorable addition!

  5. I vote C by Ellison made! Wow! What an amazing transformation that evokes nostalgia & the NOW; a place that would bring back memories for us and create new ones for our children!

  6. They’re all uniquely designed, fun & beautiful! So choosing was hard! I wish I could vote for all 3! I choose “C” I think she added more outside the box items making it more realistic and it’s Glam… I’m a Glam Girl!

  7. I vote for A, designed by Thrift Diving. It looks so cozy and inviting and stimulates the imagination of being inside a warm log cabin while it’s snowing outside. Children playing in the house will be familiar with the pattern because it can also be seen on sleepwear, pajamas, house shoes, blankets, mittens, etc.

  8. Tough choices ❤️ My vote goes to C by EllisonMade, because it is the most versatile and durable as well as being a welcoming holiday home.

  9. They are all lovely, but B gets my vote for thinking outside the box. Love all the pastel color by At Charlotte’s House!

  10. Ellison Made (C) is my favorite! I want one for our backyard.. I hope my 16 year old twins will enjoy it! Haha.

  11. Voting for B!!! Who wouldn’t want such a colorful cottage!! I love the color choices she made! ❤️

  12. C, Ellison’s totally fits my house vibe. I love it!!! It would be such a pretty touch to the backyard & the kids would feel like they and their own ‘real’ house too.?

  13. I’m giving my vote to: A! I love the uniqueness of her design and her use of Buffalo plaid. Everything she touches turns to gold beneath her hands.

  14. B! This is what your kids want to play in! While the others are more adult this is a KIDS playhouse – they want necco wagers and a candy inspired dream!

  15. My vote is for “B”! Charlotte captured pure fantasy and magic with this beautifully colored holiday playhouse. A fun dream house for any little tyke!

  16. A life size gingerbread house to play in. Yes please. I love all the details that really sell it as a gingerbread house. All three entries are great, but At Charlotte’s house gets my vote.

  17. I love the A house by Thrift Diving. Adding the red buffalo plaid gives the house an amazing warmth.

  18. My vote is for A! Thrift diver is awesome at everything she does! Although I like the last one also, my loyalty is with Thrift Diver!

  19. Voting for C.

    Trying to replicate, both, A and C for my little girls. Making different versions will be a new Christmas tradition in my family.

    B will become our Springtime version.

  20. C hands down!!!! Absolutely beautiful, timeless, and so well done right down to every little detail!!!! Its perfection!!

  21. Oh My! They are all so wonderfully creative. My absolute favorite is the Christmas Cottage by Ellisonmade. I love all the fun touches of the bubble chimney and the lights. My kids would spend hours in there!

  22. My vote is for B At Charlotte’s house! The others are cute but hers was truly designed for kids. Kids grow up too fast and why should their playhouse look like a mini adult house??

  23. C!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, bubble blowing chimney!!?? How stinking cute and CREATIVE is THAT!!! Ellison Made, stunning sis!!!

  24. I love Option C – Ellison Made. She went the extra mile with the add ons – now even I want to play there! =D

  25. C! All have done an amazing job. And it was a hard toss up between A and C but I love the glam but cozy aspect of C.

  26. C!!!! I feel like Joanna Gaines would be sooooo inspired by this! Love it! Way to add some extras for littles to enjoy! ??

  27. B- At Charlotte’s House. I love how different Charlotte dared to be! It’s beautiful, and looks like so much fun!

  28. At Charlotte’s house always gives us so much color. This take on a gingerbread house is delightful. Really engages kids to come and explore. My view is for @charlotteshouse!

  29. Thrift diving buffalo check. Do much work went into it vs others. On trend. Feels warm cozy! Just like home should!!

    Choice A. Thrift Diving

  30. Although I love them all, my eyes immediately was drawn to Option A by ThriftDiving. I grew up on a farm and dreamed of a playhouse. My Mom had a little perfect house that was so cute for my childhood imagination! But it was for her baby chicks when they arrived in spring so I could go there but only when she was cleaning it for their arrival. It even had flooring down! I’d have chosen this traditional Christmas ? playhouse as I awaited Santa. I’d have brought our blocks inside to build houses. I suppose I’d have brought my doll along too!!!

  31. Ellison made !!!!!!
    It’s so cute!! All the details, colors, decorations, very christmasy. The boots with snow on them, just so adorable!!!

  32. I vote for option B by Charlotte! This is making all my childhood Candy Land Christmas dreams come true! This girl knows how to do color!!

  33. I love them all but I have to vote for A. The vibrant colors and twinkling lights just say Holiday for me.

  34. I vote for C by Ellison Made. All three are absolutely adorable, but my eyes are immediately drawn to C. What fun kids would have in this winter wonderland real-life play house. Great job Brittany Norman!

  35. I vote for B – love Charlotte’s fearless use of color and what child would NOT want to play in that? The others are precious though!

  36. I vote for A – Thrift Diving – I love the fabric, the lights and the gold deer, it’s so cute!

  37. They are all absolutely adorable! My vote is for Thrift Diving! I love everything about it the most. If it were for my kids, this is the one I would choose.

  38. A all the way! I love the fabric and rich color Serena used. I’d decorate my full-size house in this style!

  39. I vote for playhouse A! Such a creative use of the Buffalo plaid. Feels very festive for the holidays!!

  40. B! Wow – that level of detail with the epoxy on the stones over the windows? And the bulbs on the roof line? That’s the one kids would want to play. Couldn’t see the level of detail without reading the post about it. Really fun and geared towards children, rather than adult trends. LOVE IT!

  41. A. Thrift Diving. If I were the manufacturer of this playhouse I would jump at the chance to buy her design to resell. It’s a CLASSIC design!

  42. All of the houses are simply incredible and so adorable! My vote, however, is for house C! House C gives all of the holiday feels and includes the perfect touches to make it feel welcoming and cozy!

  43. Well done to all the crafters… Each one of these is unique. If I were choosing one of these cottages for my holiday retreat… “A” would have to get my vote. This little cottage invites me to relax and enjoy my holiday.

  44. A. Thrift Diving. And, if I were the manufacturer of this playhouse I would buy this design and sell this as a Christmas playhouse. Well done!

  45. A from Thrift Diving gets my vote. I love all 3, but I can see little guys and girls loving and wanting A. Little Cabin in the mountains or my backyard. Only thing I don’t like about it is it’s not in my backyard. It’s just so adorable and I love plaid.

  46. A. Thrift Diving. Her cottage is unique and nothing that you’d expect to see. Use of materials shows creativity as wel

  47. Oh my gosh Serena I love it is so traditional the idea is great..
    I vote A..good luck God bless and thank you for all your thrift store dives and ideas !!!

  48. I love playhouse A with the red & black buffalo check from thrift diving. Another great design from Serena.

  49. They are all so pretty. But I think kids would love something bright cheerful fun. My vote goes to “B”

  50. B (atcharlotteshouse)! Those colors are so much fun for kiddos. Something they would remember forever.

  51. Thrift Diving all the way! That would excite every child.. and umm, yeah, all of us adults as well. Definitely a winner in my book.

  52. Option C by Ellison Made

    I love all the darling details- the bubble machine in the chimney (!!) the wooden pieces of mail (!!) my kids would flip over this cute playhouse.

  53. Little ones will love the fun colors and decorations on Charlotte’s. I definitely vote for B. Beautiful @charlotteshouse !

  54. Lots of great ideas here, but my fave is A by thrift diving. Something that kids will love but adults can enjoy, too!

  55. All are adorbs, but Project A hits the cozy holiday vibe I love best. The menfolk in my house also chose A.

  56. All did such a great job but Serena rocked it!!!
    A!! Gives me full fall/winter vibes!! Very neutral for children who may have sensory issues. Very great for everyone!!!

  57. I love the creativity and the holiday feeling of Serena from Thift Diving.
    My vote is definitely for A ?

    Best of luck?

  58. My vote is for Thrift Diving’s red and plaid classic and cozy holiday play house. Loved he tutorial too!

  59. I loved A. Thrift diving actually decorated the house with a Christmas feel and it makes me feel warm and cozy. I think she embodied the idea of the project the most. All the others did a great job as well but thrift diving makes me thing of Christmas the most if I just look at the house itself

  60. Totally casting my vote for “A”
    Love the buffalo plaid, plus it says something traditional to the season. Plus I’m a midwest girl and the dear head spoke to me as well!

  61. All are absolutely beautiful and creative but
    Thrift Diving-A has my vote; reminds me a cozy cabin in the snowy woods?

  62. I vote A, Thrift Diving.
    Dress it up for x-mas and then for other celebrations or just througout the year on its own looks like a fun play house. Not plain, love the fabric .

  63. My vote is for B! What kid wouldn’t love to play in that colorful dreamland, candyland house? I want to be a kid again and play in it. Well done. ??

  64. I am voting for Option A – Thrift Diving. I think that it is very festive and works for any gender. The tips provided were also very good and will help with not just this little house but other items that could be decorated for the holidays!

  65. B is absolutely magical for kids imagination. So much colour that would look amazing on a snowy day or a sunny playdate. Wish it came a little bigger for this “adult” complete with wine bar and unicorn!

  66. B! I think it is so adorable and really above and beyond. Charlotte really went in on the detail to make her house stand out and I’m loving it! I wish I could have one of these for my future kiddos.

  67. All 3 turned out beautiful but my VOTE is for C. Great work! This is a dream ? playhouse for any kiddo who would like a little ‘extra’ Christmas cheer!

  68. My vote is C…Ellison Made! I absolutely love it! She put so many perfect details which created the most charming little cottage!

  69. A!! That house is so warm and cozy! Serena has done a wonderful job once again! Black and red are the way to go!

  70. B! All about that candy life and the colours are so different than what you usually see – more fun for the kids!

  71. I love A I have both granddaughter and grandsons so this one works for both they would love it so much!

  72. Of coarse I love B! Its an amazing explosion of color & thoughtful decorative details thruout. If it was actually made of candy it would scream, “Come eat me!”

  73. B is my favorite! What a complete transformation with so many fun details! At Charlotte’s house always makes things merry and BRIGHT!

  74. My vote is for Option A- Thrift-Diving Edition for sure!! I love watching this tutorial on how Serena transformed this on YouTube! Great job and good luck!!

  75. Option B by Charlotte! All are beautiful, but the whimsical design and colors on Option B are from a child’s dream!

  76. Without a doubt I choose B. It’s whimsical and magical. It’s exactly what I would want in a playhouse!

  77. B is so fun for the little tikes who love little tikes houses. Was definitely made with your clients in mind.

  78. C is my favorite. Not only cute for Christmastime, but could be easily redecorated for other seasons. bubble machine and Bluetooth speakers? Yes,please!

  79. B
    So imaginative and fun! Shouldn’t we be asking our children which one to vote for? Hands down kids would love to play in a real life gingerbread house.

  80. C

    Love Serena but I’m more of a nostalgic fan and the fact that C went above and beyond with adding an interactive chimney, envelopes and light fixture just shows how she sees the true holiday. Safety and comfort speak to me

  81. I love the Thrift Diving makeover! I absolutely love the buffalo plaid, I’m a little obsessed! Now I might have to make one just to look at as my girls are too big to play in it! LOL

  82. I vote for A, I love the classic checkered pattern. It reminds me of a pair of Scottish dog checkered socks my mom bought me as a child for Christmas, it brings up a lot of memories.

  83. @charlotteshouse for sure! ALL ages would love this in the yard. me for sure… root, root, root for the hometown! good luck to all.❤

  84. Option A Thrift Diving!!!!….love the black an red…..with the lights….looks cozy an ready for Christmas…; )

  85. B hands down! This one screams kids magical Christmas and not just moms Pinterest worthy design! I mean it’s got a disco ball inside and sparkly trees!! ?? Great job Charlotte!

  86. My vote is for A – Thrift Diving. Love the buffalo plaid. Adding the lights was a good idea❤. I love Serena’s projects.

  87. At Charlotte’s House has captured Dreaming about Christmas from a kid’s point of view. I vote B all the way.

  88. C by Ellison Made! By far the best! Every kids dream playhouse but this just gave me inspiration for my own home! ?

  89. I vote for #1 Thrift Diving! She makes her cottage look so easy to do and using the fabric gives it extra ‘pizzazz’ for a cute, warm and cozy feel.