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How to Update and Refresh Your Dining Table

Do you have a dining room table that you feel like is outdated? Or maybe it’s starting to show some wear-and-tear after the years of memories it’s been around for? Then refreshing it has never been easier with a DIY like this.

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I know the saying is “if walls could talk,” but could you imagine what stories furniture can tell? Our dining room table has seen it all. Family dinners, game nights, homework, school projects, heart to hearts, laughter, tears.

After all of that, our dining room table is really starting to show its age, but we’re not ready to let it go. We picked this table for the ample storage underneath. Thankfully I snagged this table on a local furniture site, but it was obvious this table had been loved by its previous owners too. Even though functionally it was perfect, I decided to give the top a make over it deserved.

Space in our dining area is very limited and the oval top made things a little tight. Not only did I plan to refresh the top, but also change the shape into a square. I started out by selecting wood boards from Home Depot and arranged them on the table to ensure the size would be adequate.


The top of the table that was currently in place measured the same thickness of the new wood. I wanted to stay consistent so I could ensure the base of the table could withstand the weight.  I measured the width of the boards and used that to determine the length. I measured each board and using my table saw, cut off the excess.

After all the boards were cut I sanded each of them front and back using 150 grit sandpaper, to get them ready for stain. I made sure to sand the edges of the boards so that when they were touching the next board,  there would be definition between boards. I placed the boards together to ensure that they would look good next to each other, then I flipped them over. Using my Kreg Jig I cut pocket holes that would secure the boards to one another.

After all the screws were secured, I flipped the top back over and stained. I opted for Old Barn Wood Stain in Weathered. It’s one of my favorite weathered looks and doesn’t have an odor at all. Going with the grain of the wood, and using a cloth to add the stain and made sure to get in the crack between the boards.

After the stain dried, I used 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface. I applied a second coat of stain and again after it dried, used the 220 grit sandpaper to take off any rough spots. After the stain was cured, I then applied two coats of Polycrylic in clear matte. I love the Polycrylic because it doesn’t turn yellow and gives the protection the table will need for wear and tear.  The old table top was only held on by a few screws and I used those to attach the new top. 

I love the rustic look the new top provides and the way the new shape better fits our space. Not to mention we still kept all the wonderful storage underneath, which holds all of our family games.  Revamping old furniture to better suit our family is probably one of my most favorite things to do.


The total cost of this dining table refresh was about $60, which is way cheaper than buying something brand new. As an added bonus, we still get to use a table that we’ve created so many memories around as a family. 


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