updated kitchen with white cabinets and marble island
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How to Think Like an Interior Designer and Create the Perfect Room

An interior designer can be an asset. They know what will look good and what won’t, yet they come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, you can learn to think like a design pro and create the perfect room without the middle man.

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Do you think your home is ugly? Perhaps it’s the ‘70s shag carpeting or dreary mauve wallpaper. Either way, it’s time for a change.

An interior designer can be an asset. They know what will look good and what won’t, yet they come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, you can learn to think like a design pro and create the perfect room without the middle man.

Speak with the Client

Any interior designer takes the time to listen to their client. In this case, that’s you! Ask yourself the right questions, like: 

  • Why do you dislike a room?
  • What colors do you love and hate?
  • Do you have a favorite look or style?
  • What’s the best use of a particular space?
  • What do you want the function of the room to be?
  • What do you need to do to accomplish your goals?

As the client and designer, you must both speak and listen— figuratively, of course. Once you have the answers, start looking for inspiration. 

Look for New Ideas 

Interior designers tackle new trends and inspire the next. 2019 saw the rise of plaid, mural-style wallpaper and romantic, neutral colors. Rich velvets also exploded in popularity, adorning everything from dining room chairs to leg rests. Look around for ideas and think outside-the-box. 

bedroom inspiration tufted headboard

Pinterest is an excellent source for design and DIY inspiration. Type in a term, like “bedroom ideas,” and you’re off. Pick up magazines and keep the pages you like. For example, you might see a stunning kitchen with white marble countertops and window-clad cabinets.

Develop a Designer’s Eye

Do you want to create the perfect room? If so, you need the eye of an interior designer. Look at each space and determine if it needs repairs or total replacements. Water damaged flooring, for example, is unsightly. It can buckle around the edges and change colors. A designer would say it’s time for a change.

On the other hand, say your kitchen cupboards are outdated but in excellent condition. Instead of ripping them out, consider a simple upgrade. Apply a new coat of paint, like a versatile off-white. You can also switch out the knobs for something modern. 

Do the Hard Work First

Not all aspects of interior design are fun. No one likes ripping up carpet or pulling nails. It’s crucial not to get discouraged. To keep motivation high, do the most challenging tasks first. Do you dread re-painting the kitchen? Move it to number one on your to-do list.

updated kitchen with white cabinets and marble island

Get all the hard work out of the way. Afterward, you can look forward to the fun, like picking out curtains and hanging up artwork. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or partner. You can also hire a laborer and save money by doing work yourself.

Take a Little Risk

The best designers take risks. They smash barriers and exceed expectations. Do you have an idea for a room you’re not sure you can pull off? Try it anyway. If it doesn’t work out, you can always grab another can of paint.

A unique way to design that’s picking up popularity in 2020 is putting wallpaper in unexpected places, like on the kitchen ceiling or inside a closet. Use bold, vibrant colors, such as seafoam green, ripe tangerine and deep plum. You should also try playing with patterned tiles, ideal for splash protection behind the kitchen sink, or even on the bathroom floor.

Add the Accessories Last 

You painted the walls, and the floors are sparkling new. With the building blocks in place, it’s time to have fun! Did you opt for hardwood flooring? Add stylish rugs, like a sapphire oriental design. Perhaps you’d rather a faux fur piece to lay in front of the fireplace.

living room with plenty of accessories

Add curtains and blinds to the windows, adorn your shelves with books, photos and knick-knacks. Remember, don’t forget to spruce up the walls. Hang up collected artwork and some of your favorite shots. If you have a green thumb, string up plants that thrive indoors, like succulents and cacti. 

Think Like an Interior Designer, Create the Perfect Room

In 2018, the average homeowner spent $7,560 on improvements, up more than $900 since the previous year. You can save thousands by skipping a designer’s expertise and instead, learn to think like one of the professionals and create the perfect room just for you.

Ask yourself essential questions and set room-by-room goals. Look for new ideas, whether online, on TV or in magazines. Develop a designer’s eye to understand the true scope of the work, then, tackle the biggest projects first. Once you’ve laid the foundation, and taken a little risk, you can add your favorite accessories. 

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