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The Ultimate Guide on Getting Your Home Ready to List

Thinking about listing your home? Not sure where to begin? Or what you should do before contacting an agent? We’ve got a list that breaks down all of the things you need to get your home ready to list. Consider it our ultimate guide to preparing your home for the real estate market and beyond!

Thinking about listing your home? Not sure where to begin? Or what you should do before contacting an agent? We’ve got a list that breaks down all of the things you need to get your home ready to list. Consider it our ultimate guide to preparing your home for the real estate market and beyond!

Where to Start

Find An Agent

When looking for a real estate agent you want to consider an agent that best fits your needs. Friends and family are a great way to find agents. Word of mouth continues to and likely will always be the best form of recommendation. And if a direct recommendation isn’t available, turn to social media. Lots of agents have Facebook and Instagram accounts allowing you to get to know them and their work prior to hiring them.

Declutter It All

Before having your real estate agent over, declutter your home. By no means are we recommending you to get rid of all your things. But the piles of stuff and clutter that has developed over time, that has to go. Start clearing out cabinets and closets. Potential home buyers need to see that your home has a sufficient amount of space and storage to suit their needs.

Invite An Agent Over

If you’re ready to list your house having your real estate agent over to view your space is an important part of the process. They will need to get a full understanding of your property so they can gather a list of all comparable properties in your area or surrounding areas. Your agent should be able to provide you with an ideal price to list your home on the market. Keep in mind this is part of their job and they should be knowledgeable on what is happening in the market. Ultimately it is your decision as to what you list your property for. However, your agent should have your best interests in mind when providing you with a price range for listing your home.

Touch Up Paint

All homes need touch ups. If you live in a house, your walls get nicks and dings. There really isn’t any way around it. Touching up those spots on walls, baseboards and window casing always helps show a house better.

Neutralize The Space

By no means do we believe you need to take your personality out of your home. However, we do believe creating an inviting space where potential buyers can see themselves living is key to selling a home. Making rooms neutral over a bright orange or red makes it easier for someone else to see themselves living there. A neutral room helps potential home buyers see how they would make the home feel like them.

To Stage Or Not To Stage

Not all homes need to be staged. However, we would be the first to tell you staging your home to sell cannot hurt anyone. Professional stagers know exactly what sells a space and what doesn’t. They can create the vision a potential home buyer wants and needs to see. If you go the route of hiring a home stager as with anything, do your research! Talk to your agent and leverage social media to find stagers in your area. There are amazing people in this industry.

Before Pictures

Hire A Professional

Pictures matter, REALLY matter. In today’s social world rarely do you find someone who comes into your home for a showing without already viewing your home online. You want your listing picture to be your best version of your home. Professional interior photographers are key. They will know how to shoot the room to get the best look, angle and lighting.

Pick Up All The Things

Prior to having the photographer over, set up your home to look its absolute best. If you have things out on the counter, put them away. You want your kitchen and bathrooms to be clear.

Remove Clutter

Clutter never shows well and in pictures it shows more than anything. Please do yourself a favor and clean that up. Chances are if you’ve got a pile you need to sort through it anyway, so just file it or get rid of it.

Make The Beds

All beds need to be made, preferably styled…thank you Pinterest!

Clean Everything

For real through, dust shows up and so do fingerprints on windows and mirrors. It’s not your agent or photographer’s responsibility! Do the work before they come in!

During Showings

Make Personal Signs

Creating personal signs around your home is always a great touch. We love recommending one for taking your shoes off. Having signs for things you are planning to do is also helpful as potential buyers walk through your home.

Turn The Lights On

We get that this isn’t eco-friendly, so we don’t recommend it if you have a showing while you’re at work. But if you have one when you’re home and you have to leave, turning your lights on is a great way to make your home feel warm and inviting. Plus the potential home buyer doesn’t have to search for lighting in each room!

Keep Your Home Clean

Yes, the entire house. During showings know that people are going to open your cabinets and go into your closets. You don’t want them packed with junk! Now is your chance to get rid of that or pack it up.

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