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Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ Spring Makeover: Thistlewood Edition

Hello friends! I’m KariAnne and we are all about decorating for Easter around here. Especially when all this decorating helps others out. I’m here with for their seasonal “Crafting with Charity” contest where I makeover a Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™! Come with me as we tackle this DIY together.

Hello friends! I’m KariAnne and we are all about decorating for Easter around here. Especially when all this decorating helps others out.

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to participate in a fun challenge that helps out others and brings along a little Easter sunshine with it. This was such a fun project to work on and I love creating projects with color and pattern and a few creative ideas. And now?

Here’s a little outdoor Easter egg playhouse before and after just for you.

Here’s where we started. It arrived in a big box with instructions on how to put it together. This is what the playhouse looked like before we started– the roof was red, the shutters were brown and the basic playhouse was cream. 

And now? That red and brown and cream playhouse got a little color and it looks like this! It’s full of Easter Eggs and polka dots and sunshine.

The entire project started with spray paint. The base was spray-painted with a white spray paint designed for plastic. It comes in panels and the roof was separate and we spray painted that hot pink. The door was painted blue, the shutters were painted purple, and then we taped off the house panels and painted the side windows turquoise and the mailbox pink.

When you are working on a project like this– you’ll have so much better results if you use a spray paint designed specifically for plastic. You can see it on the label. Next, we cut out these giant Easter eggs out of plywood. They have a piece on the back that attaches to help them stand up in the yard.

Easter Egg House 5

I traced the egg shapes on the plywood and my husband cut them out with a scroll saw. The base was painted white and then I decorated them with polka dots and stripes and other patterns. Next, we cut out another plywood egg for the front door of the playhouse. I painted it in matching colors and then we attached it to the front door of the outdoor Easter egg playhouse. The back door was painted to match. 

Next, we added window boxes on each side and filled them with flowers. The little purple shutters open up and let the sunshine in. The window boxes are actually purple Easter baskets that we just attached to the side of the house.

Let’s take one more look at the final DIY Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse™ transformation.

All decked out and ready for spring. This little house is full of color and decorated with green grass and sunshine. After we finished, I stood back and one thought ran through my head… it’s a good day to be an Easter bunny!

And now? My Easter sunshine house and I need your vote! Voting starts Friday, March 27th at 9am ET right here on’s blog.

Happy day friends and here’s wishing you all the sunshine and Easter joy and happiness.

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