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The Right Way to Incorporate Wood Into Your Home Decor

As we make our way into 2020, we are already seeing a pull towards wooden elements, custom woodworking, and adding more character into home design. It’s fun to watch how design trends come and go while new trends start coming into play. Today we are going to break down the top five wood trends coming your way in 2020 and beyond, from finishes and placement to design and color. Let’s dive right in.

Matte Finish

All wood needs to have a surface barrier to protect it from elements inside of the home. This year the trend is going to move towards a matte finish over the traditional semi-gloss finish we’re used to seeing in traditional wood finishes. A matte finish provides a more natural appearance and eliminates reflection and the ever-constant visible dust collection. You are going to find this in all places from tables and chairs, to mantels, floors and floating shelves.

Natural Woodwork

Picking the right wood is always important when achieving the look you want as each wood species has its own unique characteristics and coloring. In 2020, plan on seeing a lot more natural woodworking coming to life.

Wood Ceilings

Creating depth in a small space is key to making it appear larger than it is. And adding character in unexpected places helps develop depth! Applying wood to ceilings is the perfect touch, so be prepared to see a whole lot more of it.

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Slat Design

This modern design is coming in hot for 2020– from walls, windows, bars, and desks, you’re going to see this three-dimensional design all over Pinterest and inside any well designed spaces. We’re even seeing more use of inlaid lighting to add even more character and dimension to these custom slat spaces.

Darker Stains and Paints

If we aren’t seeing natural wood grains we are going to see dark stains and bold paint choices. Think greens, blacks and blue for paint, and deep warm stains from walnut to mahogany.

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