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Making a House a Home

The 7 Best Mobile Apps All Homeowners Should Download

Whether your homebuying journey has recently came to a close or you’re a seasoned veteran in the world of homeownership, these are seven of the best mobile apps to help make owning a home easier.

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You found your dream home on the mobile app. Your real estate agent helped you put in an offer, you signed on the dotted line, and now, you’re a homeowner! Whether your homebuying journey went a little something like that, or was completely different, there are plenty of apps for your phone that can help make your life as a homeowner easier– or enhance the perks. Our team of experts rounded up seven of the best mobile applications out there for homeowners (or renters) that will help take away some of the stressors of owning a home and bring joy into your humble abode.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is a mobile home service app that helps homeowners find whatever they need at the touch of a button. With a smart, user-friendly interface, homeowners can easily find contractors to help them with jobs around the home. Whether it’s remodeling your kitchen or fixing a broken appliance, Home Advisor searches by your location, needs and wants, timing, and budget to find a contractor that’s suitable for you and what you want done to your home. They even offer a cost guide so you can have an estimate of what home projects you’d like to complete for what cost.

home advisor app mobile homeowner
Source: Home Advisor App Available for Download in the Apple App Store

Home Depot Project Color

Have you ever wanted to be brave and paint a room in your home a darker color? Or maybe try your hand at something more vibrant? The Home Depot Project Color app can help you visualize what that color would look like in your entire space without having to leave your home to get samples. You can scroll through the available selection of paints that Home Depot carries in their stores, take a picture of the room you want to paint, and see firsthand what that color would look like. It’s an easy way to try new colors if you’re looking to refresh a space in your home.

home depot project color homeowner
Source: Home Depot Project Color

Even though you’re already a homeowner, you might be thinking about packing up and moving sometime in the future. If so, then you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips with the mobile app. With simply smarter software,‘s listings aren’t only available in abundance, but they’re always up to date and show you which homes are still active, sale pending, new, or have experience a drop in price. You can even save your favorite listings and searches, so you’ll have access to the homes and search filters you want, right at the click of a button. app mobile download
Source: Available for Download in the Apple App Store


Although Takl has suspended their current operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good app to have on your phone in the future. From pet care, yard work, junk removal, housekeeping, and moving, Takl offers a wide array of services to its users who are looking for quick jobs to be done around their home. All you have to do is input your zip code, and they’ll match you with companies or people in the area who can assist you with whatever you need! They even have a customizable job option so if you don’t see an option that’s available, you can make a job posting for others to openly apply to.

takl mobile phone homeowner
Source: Takl Available for Download in the Apple App Store


Planta is like having a botanist right in your pocket. It helps homeowners track their houseplants – indoor or outdoor – and their health. It’ll ask a few questions about who you are as a plant parent, ranging from totally hopeless to plant extraordinaire, and will help provide tips and information during your time as a plant owner. You can browse through resources on different plants, identify any health concerns you see in your plants, and see the skill level required of any plants you potentially want to bring home.

planta for homeowners plant care
Source: Planta App Available for Download in the Apple App Store


If you ever wanted your neighborhood to band together like they did back in the day, this is the app for you. NextDoor is an online community of your local community. You can communicate with your neighbors, get recommendations on local businesses, and keep up with community events. The best part, if you’re planning on moving to a neighborhood soon, it’s a good way to get a feel for who you’ll be living near before you actually go.

next door homeowner neighbor neighborhood homeowner
Source: NextDoor App Available for Download in the Apple App Store

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Of course, if you’re a fan of the popular virtual personal assistants like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, having the corresponding app can help enhance your experience as a smart home owner. They both have additional “skills” you can add on the mobile app and can connect with other smart home products including plugs, thermostats, light bulbs, and televisions. Consider these apps as the hub of your smart home products.

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