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Projects to Completely Transform Your Home While Social Distancing

We’re Ashley and Jamin Mills, of The Handmade Home, a design and rehab firm in Franklin, TN, and we’re so honored to be here today! 

By now, we all know that the coronavirus pandemic is something our generation has never seen before, along with the roller coaster of emotions that have accompanied it. On the flip side, some of us are downright thriving while social distancing, taking the time to be productive with projects in our home. Since we can’t really control anything else, we’ve decided this is most definitely the camp we’re happy to be in. We’re seizing the moment with the time we wouldn’t usually have, and making the best of all things quarantine. Bonus points for distractions from the media, and putting the kiddos to work to make it a family project. The best part is, supplies are all available online or through delivery while supporting our local economy. So many pros. Today, we thought we’d highlight the smartest areas for home improvement from a buyer’s point of view while social distancing, and probably beyond, to add value to your home.

First things first: Since we know that full-on renovations aren’t everyone’s cup of whiskey, so we’ve broken it down into three main sections, and highlighted a few projects on each. Let’s dive in! These are a few of our smartest areas for home improvement while social distancing. 

That “Wow” Factor

These are the main areas of the home that are the ultimate redo. Since we work with clients in the Nashville area, we see homeowners focusing on them all the time, and getting the most bang for their buck.

The Kitchen

You know we couldn’t not mention it. Double negatives aside, this is ultimately, the best way to add value to your home. This is the most popular room on all those home improvement shows, and brings in the most returns, to say the least. No, it doesn’t have to be an entire overhaul, and we’ll cover more on that below. But where is a good starting point? From backsplashes to countertops, anything that brings your kitchen up to date is always a smart move. 

home remodel renovation projects handmade home
home remodel renovation projects handmade home

The Bathrooms 

Byyeeee 1975! It’s time to bring that bathroom into 2020, even if it doesn’t want to arrive. We’ve seen the most value added to homes when the bathrooms are definitely updated. It’s really a game changer in any house, and nothing says welcome home, like your own personal mini spa. From the kiddos’ bathrooms to your own master suite, it’s something you won’t regret working on.

home remodel renovation projects handmade home
home remodel renovation projects handmade home

Adding Square Footage

This can be additions, unfinished basements, or any opportunities to add on to your home. With the real estate market growing all around us, many homeowners are more interested in adding square footage and improving where they are, rather than house hopping. We love forgotten areas that can be beautiful again, or creating something from nothing. It adds an incredible amount of value to your home and only requires a little thinking outside the box. 

All in the Details

Everyone’s situation is different. Maybe you’re not comfortable subcontracting or DIY-ing any of the bigger projects right now. Here are a few small projects we see as doable, with major value added, in your future. 

The Power of Paint

Never underestimate it. Maybe your main areas of your house aren’t a full on overhaul. But taking out that red that burned your corneas, or giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint may be something on your list, instead. You can’t lose with loving where you live and changing it to something better, to reflect you.


Stamped or speckled or anything in between, there are so many options here for upgrades. Planking them is always easy and beautiful, and only requires a little elbow grease. You’d be shocked at how much character and charm you can bring into your home with a little wallpaper changeover. Simply scraping them is also a wonderful solution. Check out all your options, because it’s a major game changer for your home. 

Bye, Yellow Brass

You’d be amazed at how much love you can bring into your home by getting rid of that builder’s grade fabulousness from 1980 and beyond. We were house blind for a while, and amazed by how much of a difference changing out the hardware could make. From simple knobs on cabinets, to hinges, doorknobs, those old ceiling fans and more… these are a great way to switch them out, gradually.

Bonus: While we’re on the topic, doors. They’re a great thing to replace when they take up too much space. Consider accent or sliding doors to add character or save space in little areas that otherwise might drive you crazy. 

Curb Appeal

Now that we covered large and small indoor projects, let’s cover a few of our faves for the outside! Because it’s the first chance you get to make a good impression


I don’t think there’s anything more therapeutic right now, than returning to the earth. Adding trees to your home, beautiful plants to make it oh so pretty, and anything to add character to your yard is the smartest way to add value to your home. It’s all about instant gratification in the yard, and whether it’s window boxes, a few new trees, or perennials, it’s definitely a smart move to add a little curb appeal with some green. 

home remodel renovation projects handmade home
home remodel renovation projects handmade home

Big Updates

We’ve loved changing over our home from almost neglected, to updated and fresh. It’s been such a gratifying process. Before, the siding was falling off, the old storm windows were a hazard, and the gutters were lose almost everywhere. It’s so great to update your outside, whether with something small in a fresh coat of paint or a whole new look. 

Small Updates

But again, not everything has to be an entire overhaul. Check out replacing that old fence, or hiding the once-ugly pool pump, or adding more square footage with an outside dining area are all great ways to add beauty to your home! One day at a time, is our motto. We’re currently building a new fence, and expanding it makes our yard feel five times larger. Not to mention it’s a total bonus for the kids and dogs…

home remodel renovation projects handmade home

Bonus: And they probably wouldn’t complain if you wanted to dive into building a treehouse. We’re not saying it necessarily adds value to future buyers, but it’ll add that appeal factor and your kids will create some epic childhood memories, in the meantime.

Thanks so much for tuning in today! We hope this gives you something exciting to work on, for your home.

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