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5 Black-owned Interior Design Businesses You Need to Follow on Instagram

At, we champion diversity in the workplace and in the content created for you. Here are five must-follow Instagram accounts that will surely inspire your interior design.

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At, we champion diversity in the workplace and in the content created for you. As a home search company that focuses on the real estate and home design industry, it is our mission to provide renters, owners, buyers and sellers with home-related resources, including diverse brands and businesses. Which is why we vow to highlight minority-owned businesses that you can support – whether you’re looking to buy a home or to completely transform your interior style. With that in mind, here are five must-follow Instagram accounts that will surely inspire your interior design. 

TaLaya and Kerrick | @ourbrickhousestyle

This Charlotte, North Carolina-based couple knows exactly what it takes to transform a space, and they don’t just stop there. Owner of Artisan Nail Salon by day and interior design enthusiast by night, TaLaya’s eye for curating beautifully designed spaces will inspire just about anyone to get to work on their own home. Every photo on their Instagram feed is filled to the brim with mid-century modern style, rustic and bohemian accents, and plenty of greenery– our kind of designer.

Source: @ourbrickhousestyle on Instagram

The best part? Not only do they share their beautiful home with you, but they also share a story behind every photo they post. We can’t stress adding them to your Instagram feed enough! Just check out this before and after photo she posted of her living room.

Justin Q. Williams |  @justinqwilliams

If you’re a fan of luxury design and modern style, Justin Williams is the designer to keep up with. His company, Trademark Design Co., is a full-service, interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. “I began my professional career in 2009, at the age of 20, with absolutely no clue as to what I was doing business wise but I could design my tail off,” stated Williams. “I’ve had an interest in decor and design since the age of 12.” 

From a young age, Justin’s interest in home design stemmed from a love of beautiful homes and support from his parents. “My parents really took their time and resources to invest in my future as a designer because I was so inspired and motivated by the field. When other kids my age were watching cartoons, I’d submerge myself into home renovation shows (crazy, I know). Ultimately, I feel that it’s what I was born to do and when I look at the way my career developed, it confirms that feeling.” As an interior designer and business owner, Justin recognizes that design is more than just putting pieces together– it’s creating a space people love to call their home. “[Making a house a home] is extremely important [because] home is a place where one should feel most comfortable, safe, and relaxed. It should truly be a place of solace and tranquility. My clients hire me because they know that I’ll create this space for them by focusing not only on the beauty of the space, but also on the functionality since function and comfort harmonize,” added Williams. Check out his Instagram here and don’t be afraid to add his styles to your next mood board. 

Eva Sonaike | @evasonaike

This London-based designer not only has her very own unique style, but she also sells products to help you achieve that style in your home. With bright colors that contrast beautifully, Eva Sonaike also incorporates African style into each piece and space she curates.

eva sonaike interior design
Source: @evasonaike on Instagram

But not only does she have a great eye for design, according to her website, she “graduated with an MA in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion, where she specialised in contemporary African fashion and textiles. She then pursued an editorial career working as UK Fashion Editor for Hubert Burda Media for six years, working for titles such as German Elle, InStyle and Focus,” so she also has a pretty hefty portfolio. Her Instagram account and blog are truly something you won’t be able to find anywhere else. And, if you like what you see, you can shop her own range of products right on her website.

Chanae Richards | @olorointeriors

Interior designer, Chanae Richards, as well as self-proclaimed plant savant (we all need a green thumb expert at some point in our lives, right?) is a Harlem, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based CEO of her design company, ọlọrọ Interiors. Known for her boldly curated minimalist spaces, the Bronx native’s ability to get from “concept to completion with confidence” is what sets her apart from the rest. “As a design firm, our team works really hard to create spaces reflective of the lives our clients want while honoring their antiques in ways that make the space both livable for you and a place that shines while you entertain.”

oloro interiors

Her interest in home design stemmed from a childhood that was always on the go. “When I was young, my family moved around frequently. We got a house my freshman year of high school and the stability had a significant impact on us individually and collectively. Growing roots in a community and personalizing a home with decor reflective of us inspired me to create thoughtfully designed spaces for others.” Thoughtfully designed, indeed. Just from a quick look at her Instagram account, you can tell no detail is overlooked and each space is carefully crafted to reflect its own function and beauty.

Carmeon Hamilton | @carmeon.hamilton

Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, Carmeon Hamilton is an interior designer and business owner of Nubi Interiors. From curating the perfect space for you to staging listings, Carmeon has a large portfolio full of designs that makes her client’s spaces livable and lovable. She describes her interior design mantra as “[Believing] in elevating the everyday and finding beauty in the now. I always seek to not only discover the beauty in all things, but to also help others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day,” according to her website.

interior design
Source: @carmeon.hamilton on Instagram

With over ten years experience in the design and retail industry, her modern bohemian design style encapsulates the moodiness, but chillness, that every home needs. Check out her Instagram and fill your feed with dream home decor.

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