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How the App Makes Homebuying Simply Smarter

While some homebuyers exhaust their search efforts online, scouring through page after page of listings in their area, others opt for an easier approach to finding their dream home. As mobile apps have continued to become more advanced, many buyers and renters are taking the start of their home searching journey from desktop to mobile. The app helps make that transition easier and safer. A long list of user-friendly features and smart capabilities are what make the app one of the most sought after tools while searching for a home. From saving your favorite listings without the need of creating an account (because who needs more emails, right?) to mobile video tours and virtual open houses, there’s not much this app can’t do.

Your Privacy, Protected

While other mobile home search apps may ask for your phone number, email, name, and an agreement to a long list of terms and conditions regarding your privacy, does things differently. The accountless approach that is offered to users makes it so you can enjoy the features of saving your favorite searches and homes without sacrificing your privacy. No email address, password, or any type of login will be required from those who wish to browse and save on their own terms. The best part? If you prefer the accountless approach, you’ll be excited to hear about a new feature rolling out very soon for our mobile users. Whether you create an account or not, you’ll be able to opt-in to receive push notifications that will alert you of price changes in your saved homes. app

View More Than Listing Photos

Every listing available on’s Android app includes the option for you to look at it through Google Street View. You can use this feature to not only look at the home you’re interested in, but you can see your potential neighborhood as well. Are the houses too close or too far apart for your liking? Is your home off of a busy road or in a quiet area? You can also get these questions answered through virtual and video tours as well. These scheduled tours will upload to your phone’s calendar so you’ll have it front-of-mind when the time comes. If you have a question before the tour, communicate directly with your agent at the touch of a button!

Find Your Dream Home Faster Than Ever Before

As you start your home search journey, you’ll need a search engine that’s reliable, easy-to-use, and fast. The mobile app is up to three times faster than our competitors’ apps on Android devices and we continuously strive to have the fastest home search app across all mobile operating systems. So, when you start finding and saving those homes you love, our app won’t slow you down. As our mobile app continuously improves, gesture-based navigation will help you browse even faster without having to find and click buttons to search through each page. A simple swipe forward or backward can get you where you want to go quicker than before (and it will be here before you know it!).

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Made for Future Home Buyers and Renters, Just Like You

From the beautiful design released with the native version of the app, homebuyers now have access to find the homes they love, in a way they love. “By offering a family of products and giving the user the ability to choose how they want to digest the information, we are reaching more home searchers. It’s kind of like reading a book, some people prefer paper books while others prefer Kindles. Both will give you what you are looking for, just in different substrates,” says Tabatha Anger,’s Mobile Product Analyst.

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