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LGBTQ+ Interior Designers and Creators to Follow on Instagram

Although Pride month is coming to an end, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to celebrate LGBTQ+ creators all year long. Here are 5 creators you need to follow on Instagram.

Although June – the month of Pride – is coming to an end, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to celebrate, advocate, and keep up with LGBTQ+ creators all year long. While there are still strides that need to be taken as a nation to have equality for LGBTQ+ persons, you can do your part in amplifying the voices of and showing support for the community by adding these home design and real estate professionals to your list of influencers to follow.

Shavonda Gardner | sgardnerstyle

In Sacramento, California, interior designer, Shavonda Gardner, and her family are living a beautiful life out of an equally beautiful bungalow. Ditching what she refers to as a “cookie cutter builder grade larger house” for a smaller space, helped launch her design career which focuses on living small in an amazing way. “Just because you live small, it doesn’t mean you can’t have big bold style! I believe great design is achieved when we focus on creating spaces that make us feel amazing…no matter how small the footprint. Bottom line: Life is too short to live in a home that doesn’t make your heart smile,” Gardner says on her “About Me” section of her website. Not to mention, the designs she curates and posts on her Instagram are breathtaking in their own way.

Mark and Anthony | collectivedigs

The couple that makes this Instagram account pop are nothing short of the design inspiration you need. Located in Greer, South Carolina, the two husbands have curated a feed that includes clean lines, hints of bold colors, and a beautiful combination of mid-century modern and industrial decor that sets them apart from other designers. “We’ve been in the interior design industry for roughly 4 years on a freelance basis, and continue to work towards creating a name for ourselves to hopefully launch a full time career in the industry someday,” says Mark Wiles. Upon meeting Anthony, the duo found a passion and created a business working together to make people’s visions on their spaces into a reality. “There’s just something about being able to create a home that represents the very core of who you are,” Mark goes on to say, “[and] being able to provide interior design services while also continuing to support and thrive as a part of LGBTQ+ community is huge to us! We love being able to serve any and all walks of life while also staying true [ourselves].”

Teri | tmoorehome

Oftentimes, the best part about home design isn’t the final product, but the story and steps it takes to get there. Teri, a professional interior designer in Nashville, Tennessee, chronicles the journey of each space’s transformation on Instagram and shares details of how to do it at your home on her blog. Currently, she is sharing her story of her home’s remodel after the recent devastation left behind by a tornado in the city of Nashville.

Jackie Thomas and DeeAnn McCoy | thomboy properties

This Instagram renovation couple chronicle each part of their journey – from start to finish – on their home transformation projects. Starting their own company, Thomboy Properties, in Palm Springs, the duo have created quite the portfolio of mid-century modern-style homes in the area. Check out this before and after of one of their properties below!

Matt and Beau | probablythis

Matt and Beau are a gay couple based out of New Orleans, Louisianna who share a love for interior design and blogging – which is pretty obvious based on how good they are at (they’re “About Us” section is like reading a story.) They also have a pretty extensive background that covers just about every topic you could think of – from baking to beginning their own online shop with their curated items, so they truly are a one-stop shop for your Instagram feed. If you follow along with their journey on their Instagram, you never truly know what you’re going to get whether it’s home inspiration or a 3-month long road trip living out of a camper.

Although following these creators (and more!) on Instagram is just one way to support the LGTBQ+ community, there are other ways you can make an impact and advocate for gay, trans, and queer rights. Donating to organizations like GLAAD, The Trevor Project, or The Human Rights Campaign are another great way to support the community. You can also incorporate LGBTQ+ media into everyday life for you or your child, from books for young adults or children to movies and popular TV shows.

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