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How to Best Prepare Your Family for Homeschooling This Fall

Although the upcoming school year is quickly approaching, there’s still a lot of uncertainty amongst parents as to what this means for their family. brought together parents and education experts to provide advice for the new school year.

This past spring, we saw changes coming and going as we were learning to navigate the muddy waters of education, working, and living in the midst of a global pandemic. School and office closures occured nationwide and social distancing guidelines and restrictions were forefront of everyone’s mind. While things nationwide continue to evolve and people get used to the new normal, there are still a ton of questions parents and their families have for the upcoming school year. launched a survey polling parents on how they feel about the potential changes they may have to make to what was once their daily routine. Although we’re quickly approaching the upcoming school year for grade level and college students, there’s still a lot of uncertainty amongst parents as to what this is going to look and be like for their child. Only 20% of parents said their child was successful with at-home learning in the spring and now, only 17% of parents feel prepared for at-home learning in the fall. If you’re one of those parents– which it’s completely okay to be– then you might be in search of tips and advice to help guide you and your family for the upcoming year. This panel of experts contrived of educators, special education specialists, and parents, will share their experiences in the spring and how you can better adjust for the fall.

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