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How to Keep Common Summer Pests Away from Your Home

If you’re spending more time outdoors, then you’re probably not alone. Here are some easy tricks and natural hacks to get rid of those unwanted summer pests.

With the weather being warm and options for going many places very limited, being able to enjoy yourself just outside of your home is more important than ever. Even if you’re lucky to have a screened in space, chances are you’re not the only one enjoying the outdoors. There most likely a wide variety of outdoor pests enjoying your space too. Here are some tips to help minimize any unwanted visitors and help you create a space outdoors you can enjoy. 

home in woods pests summer


These pests are probably the number one party crasher of all outdoor functions, but there is still hope you can boot them out of your space. There are companies who can come out and spray your surrounding outdoor area, but if you’re not a fan of chemicals or don’t feel that they truly last, there are other options.

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  • Eliminate any standing water. Standing water is an incubator for mosquitoes and you could be contributing to your problem. 
  • Air circulation on your outdoor patio. Outdoor fans can help create air movement which the mosquitoes don’t enjoy and will be less likely to settle near your outdoor area.
  • Activate your green thumb. Plants like lavender, basil, peppermint, and eucalyptus can be added to your outdoor garden to help keep these pests away. Using floral plants like lavender will even bring around some nicer insects like butterflies and honey bees.
  • Use good, ol’ fashioned bug spray. There are a wide variety of bug sprays on the market, but one that’s not advertised as a bug spray may surprise you, Vick’s VapoRub. You can also opt for bug repellent accessories like citronella candles, tiki torches, or light bulbs.


While they’re not the vampires of the night like mosquitoes, they can be a bit of an annoyance with their chirping. If you have a large infestation, you can put water and molasses in a jar which will attract these noisy pests.

crickets summer pests

  • Eliminate standing water. Just like mosquitoes, they too thrive on standing water and moist areas. 
  • Change your lighting. Crickets are attracted to bright lights, but you can look into swapping to more amber colored lights. Not only will this help to deter crickets, but other winged insects who love light too. 


Snakes definitely hold a place in the outdoor food chain, but they don’t need to come to the outdoor cookout any time soon. 

  • Using ammonia can do the trick. Placing an ammonia soaked rag in an unsealed plastic bag and placing them around your yard will help deter the snakes. 
  • White vinegar is a natural deterrent. If you have a pool, pour white vinegar around the perimeter of the pool and it will keep them from trying to get into the water. Snakes won’t want to slither their bodies over the vinegar. 
  • This might sound odd, but human hair works. Truth be told, snakes really don’t like people, if you clean out your hair brush and place human hair around your yard, they’ll pick up the scent and move along. 

Deer and Rabbits

Although they are cute and fluffy, these groups of animals will do a number on your gardens and flowers. If you’re an animal lover, but also someone who cares about their home and garden landscaping, there are some easy ways you can keep these guys out without harming them and their environment.

deer rabbits summer pests how to keep away

  • If you enjoy the wildlife but want to keep your garden bed beautiful, opt for different plants. Even plants labeled “deer resistant” aren’t safe when the deer are starving, but they aren’t the first to be eaten.
  • Add some fencing. If you want to plant flowers and veggies that attract deer and rabbits, you’ll want to add fencing or some sort of barrier to keep them out. 
  • Shaved body soap mixed with your soil. Add some slivers of Irish Spring soap to your garden soil.  
  • Try other natural deterrents. Use a spray like “Liquid Fence” to keep them out. It’s a natural product that will not harm animals and will last a few weeks. I recommend spraying this at night when you’re not going to be outside because the smell isn’t a pleasant one. 

Being able to enjoy our outdoor spaces is as important as ever. That doesn’t mean we need to enjoy being outdoors with uninvited “guests”. Staying up on outdoor home maintenance not only keeps our curb appeal looking good, but also helps prevent potential infestations. It also helps to prevent your home from becoming an endless buffet to our furry friends. 

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