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Tour the Homes of Homes.com: Dax Ellison’s Cozy Apartment

Since the pandemic, a house has become more than a home, it’s become a sanctuary and safe space for many. Homes.com wants to share the homes of the people who make our company so great, so today, Dax shares what makes his house his home.

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A home is more than a building. It’s a sanctuary and a safe space– something we’ve all come to appreciate more since the pandemic hit in early March of 2020. Now, we want to share a glimpse of what makes a home a home for the Homes.com employees. From big and small houses to downtown lofts and cozy condos, cabins in the mountains or coastal retreats at the beach, no single home is alike. The people of a house is what creates a home and there’s no better advocate for the importance of making a house your own than those who work at Homes.com! With offices nationwide, this series is meant to show the diverse ways in which we all live and what “home” means to different individuals.

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Today, social media account specialist, Dax Ellison, takes us on a tour of his Virginia apartment. As he’s adjusted to working from home, he shares with us his new office setup and how he personalized it to create a space that works for him. Around his apartment are gifts from family and friends who wanted to help make his apartment feel more like home since he moved from Richmond to the Hampton Roads area.

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