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6 Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home Safely in 2020

If you’re looking ways to stay safe and socially distant this year, but still make the end of year celebration memorable, try some of these at-home hacks!

We’ve almost made it to the end of the year — feels like we should get a gold star! If you’re looking for something to celebrate this year, let the idea of leaving 2020 behind be your motivator. As always, be mindful of your plans and if you do have guests over, set up sanitizing stations, keep your masks on, have seating set up six feet apart and try to socially distance as much as possible. If you can, take your celebrations outside! No matter what you’re doing to celebrate, here are some ideas to create a special New Year’s Eve at home. Whether you’re spending the evening with family or friends, we’ve got you covered!

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Fun for the Whole Family

  1. Since we’ve spent more time this year at home, it’s only fitting to take this time to look back at the fun memories you’ve created as a family. Start off the night by displaying a slideshow of your family’s best photos from this year. Make sure to include trips, your quarantine activities and of course, holiday and birthday celebrations. 
  2. Keep your little ones entertained with games and movies! While there aren’t a ton of New Year’s Eve-specific movies out there, you can’t go wrong with classics Rudolph’s Shiny New Year and Happy New Year Charlie Brown. Set out classic games for the whole family but also throw in some special games for the holiday. Plan a New Year’s scavenger hunt by creating a list of holiday-themed items you have around your home (think: confetti, balloons, party hats, 2021 glasses, etc.). Divide your family and friends into teams and have each group take a selfie when you check off an item. The first group to find all the items on the list wins! 
  3. Set up a photo booth (but don’t forget the props!) Photo booths are an easy way to create fun memories that your family will never forget. You can purchase a pre-made set or try your hand at DIY! Make sure whatever you decide goes along with the theme of your night. And if you’re celebrating with family and friends virtually, make sure each member has their own photo booth at home! At the end of your evening, you can combine screenshots of everyone’s best photo booth faces into one photo strip. 

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Just the Adults

  1. While the kids are playing games, it’s time for the adults to have their own fun. If you’re in a family of wine-lovers, host your own wine tasting! Ask your family members (or social distancing buddies like roommates or neighbors) to bring their favorite bottles, add your own and if you want to make it a game,and create a blind taste-testing. Slip on wine covers for each bottle, or pour each wine into their own container/jar. Have guests keep score on a scorecard, then reveal the winner!
  2. If you’re staying in with a small group of people like roommates or your partner, try planning to make something new for dinner. Surf and turf, homemade pasta, or replicating your favorite meal from a favorite restaurant is a great way to spend the evening! Splurge on a fancy bottle of alcohol, make a delicious dessert, and watch the ball drop from your couch with your loved ones.
  3. When the clock strikes midnight, have your own “ball drop” celebration! Use a disco ball piñata to mimic the famous NYC ball drop, and take turns taking out your frustrations from this year! Whether you choose to fill up the disco ball with candy, gift cards or airplane bottles of your favorite liquor, this is the perfect way to ring in 2021.

couple celebrating new year at home safe

However you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve at home, make sure you take time to reflect on this year’s bright moments. From everyone at, we’re wishing you a happy start to 2021. Cheers to a new beginning!

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