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4 DIY Hacks That Make Projects Easier

Wanting to try out a little DIY? Brooke Cribbs shares her favorite DIY hacks to help take all your projects from drab to fab with ease!

DIY projects may seem intimidating at first, because each project needs its own tools and products that you may never have used before. Your first DIY project might go slowly because of trial and error, but that’s ok! After years of tackling projects myself, I’ve learned a few DIY hacks that save time and frustration, and I’m happy to share the wealth! 

#1: Creating a Gallery Wall

Hanging a collage of pictures in an ideal grouping with the perfect amount of space can be quite the challenge. The last thing you want is to put a million holes in your wall or hang something only to be unhappy with the end result. Save your walls (and your sanity!) with this paper DIY hack:

DIY hacks
  1. Using paper (shopping bags, wrapping paper, etc.) cut the paper to the shape of the picture frames you’re using in your gallery wall.
  2. Once all pieces are cut, mark on the paper where the hangers on the back of the frames are.
  3. Using painters tape, secure the paper pieces to the wall in the configuration you want with the spacing that looks pleasing to the eye.
  4. When you’re happy with the design, check that the paper pieces are level. Using the hanger marks, hammer in your nails.
  5. Pull the paper off, hang your pictures and enjoy!

#2: Hanging a Shelf

When hanging a shelf, it’s just as important to get it level as it is to hang at the correct height. Most shelves recommend using screws and an anchor; however, patching screw holes is an added challenge if you misalign them. Try this DIY hack to ensure even measurements:

  1. Place a piece of painters tape evenly along the back of the shelf and mark where the hanging holes are.

    Use painter’s tape to mark where the holes are on your shelf.
  2. Remove the piece of tape and place on the wall where you want your shelf to hang. After checking that the tape is level, insert your wall anchor and screw, leaving enough of the screw out of the wall to slip the shelf onto the hanger.

    DIY hacks
    Hang tape on the wall, level, and add screws.
  3. Remove the tape, place your shelf on the wall, and decorate!

#3: Picking the Right Paint Color

Paint is one of the least expensive, but most impactful DIY projects you can do. It was also one of the first DIY skills that I tried early on to gain confidence. Picking the right color is challenging because paint can change its look depending on the lighting in your space. Before, I would buy tiny paint samples, paint them on various walls and would be left with colorful squares all over that then needed to be painted over. Now, I have a clever DIY hack: I buy these clear peel-and-stick sheets that can be moved around the house without actually painting the walls!

Found at Home Depot

#4: Paint Brush Storage During a Project

It almost never fails that I miss a spot while painting, or I still need to do a second coat. Sometimes, I need to move on to other things while waiting for coats of paint to dry, but I don’t want to wash my brushes or roller if I’m not finished. Enter this easy DIY hack: use any plastic bag (grocery bags, sandwich bag, etc.), simply wrap it around your brush or roller and put it in your refrigerator. (I usually keep my supplies in the crisper drawer away from food.)


This hack will keep the brush or roller from drying out until you’re ready to paint again. I’ve been able to keep the wrapped brushes and rollers in the fridge for a week when life has interrupted projects. (As a note, I’ve recently seen that there are brush and roller holders you can buy, but I haven’t had a chance to try them out.)

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DIY can be lots of fun, and the more you do projects, the more you learn little tips and tricks of your own. The best part about the DIY community is that we often share any and all things we’ve learned to help one another. To get more DIY hacks and inspiration, along with market insights and so much more, sign up for’s bi-weekly newsletter HERE!   

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Brooke has a lifestyle blog called Cribbs Style and currently lives in Charleston, SC. This wife, mom of two almost tweens, and mom of three fur children enjoys all things DIY and organizing. When she’s not helping others tackle the chaos of life, she’s either working out, at the beach, or just enjoying time with family and friends.

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