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Pandemic Relationships: Does Love REALLY Conquer All?

Pandemic restrictions were widely predicted to tear many couples apart. But, almost a year into lockdown, how have couples fared in the COVID-19 climate? A survey uncovers the ups and downs of pandemic relationships.

When pandemic restrictions and stay-at-home orders became the norm in 2020, it was widely expected to take a heavy toll on romantic relationships. Stuck inside with your significant other 24/7 for days on end? Surely, love has its limits, right? A survey digs deeper into pandemic romance to find out.

Love Conquers (Mostly) All

Turns out, love doesn’t have limits for many quarantine couples!’s survey of more than 1,000 consumers in romantic relationships found that love hasn’t only survived the pandemic stress, but it’s actually thrived for the majority of them!

When asked how spending more at-home time together affected their pandemic relationships, 63% reported they’ve become closer while navigating the ups and downs of quarantine. In some cases, that meant literal closeness — 11% cited greater physical intimacy, while 5% said they decided to have a child.

Still, life at home isn’t always rosy, especially in quarantine. When we asked what the greatest stressors were on their relationship, 29% lamented the inability to spend time with friends and family, with travel constraints and a lack of entertainment running a close second at 28%. (This makes total sense…you can only watch so much Bridgerton, right?)

pandemic relationships

Home is Where the Heart Is

Nearly 10% of couples who lived apart before the pandemic have moved in together over the last 11 months. While moving sounds like a huge stressor in an already chaotic time, our survey actually found it to be a positive; eight out of 10 of these newly cohabiting partners believe that moving in together and navigating that new dynamic has strengthened their relationship.

Additionally, 34% said they modified their homes to minimize pandemic relationship conflicts. The top adjustments include adding a home office (41%), setting up a home gym (23%) and creating an outdoor recreational space (22%).

Just the Two of Us

For pandemic relationships, “time together” doesn’t always mean “together time.” (If you’ve ever had to share a home office space, you know what we’re talking about!) Interestingly, over half of our survey respondents (56%) said they’ve adjusted their routines to create more together time with their other half. The most popular adjustments include having meals together (29%), scheduling TV or other date nights (16%), and exercising together (9%).

pandemic relationships

On the flip side, 57% have also adjusted their routines to carve out alone time that has been lost to the quarantine life. The top routine adjustments are exercising alone (17% of responses), dividing the days into “alone” and “together” time (17%), and having a dedicated space to work separately (17%). Other strategies include watching different TV shows (15%) and starting a new hobby (12%).

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Looking at the entirety of couples who began quarantine life in a relationship, only 10% have called it quits with their main squeeze during the last 11 months. A slight majority of the dating breakups (53%) and over a third of marital breakups (36%) have occurred among respondents younger than 35.

pandemic relationships

Sadly, 10% of those who are still together indicated that their relationship has suffered from the inability to get away from each other. (BTW, if that sounds like you, maybe it’s time to try a home gym or outdoor oasis, too!)

Love Your Partner AND Your Home!

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