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8 Products for the Ultimate in Quarantine Comfort

We asked YOU what quarantine comfort items have been your must-haves this last year. Did your favorites make the cut? Read to find out!

Earlier this year, our Love and Quarantine survey found that the majority of romantic relationships have actually gotten stronger despite the stressors of pandemic life. That inspired us to take a deeper look, so we took to Instagram to ask YOU what quarantine comfort items have been your must-haves throughout the last year. Curious what made the cut? Keep reading!

#1: Active & Recreational Tools

Taking 39% of votes, tools for recreational activity were the #1 quarantine must-haves! If you’re looking to splurge on some fitness equipment, there’s no question when it comes to our top pick: a Peloton bike!

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Source: onepeloton.com

Peloton makes everything simple — from an easy-to-use workout class repository, to tracking your workouts and fitness goals, they make working out user-friendly. If you’re not into cycling, stay tuned! The new Peloton Tread goes on sale in May, which promises to empower users to run further and train smarter with full-body workout classes. While the price for Peloton products might be intimidating, Peloton offers a monthly payment plan to make the cost accessible as possible. 

And if you’re still not 100% sold on any equipment, you can purchase the Peloton app for $12.99/month, which gives you access to thousands of workout classes to choose from. Pair with your favorite workout equipment and get your fitness on!

#2: Food & Drink

Coming in a close second, food and drink items took 35% of quarantine comfort must-have votes, and for good reason….comfort food really does the heart good! But, it’s also a plus when our food can be delicious AND healthy! Our top pick is the Yonanas Deluxe Frozen Dessert Maker, a perfect option for any sorbet, ice cream or frozen yogurt lovers in your house.

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Source: amazon.com

Treat yourself to one of 75 recipes this maker comes with, or throw on your chef’s hat and create your own! Simply freeze your favorite fruits and toss them in the machine when you’re ready for popsicles, pies and even cannolis. You’ll never get bored (or hungry!) with this machine, and the best part? It’s a healthy alternative to traditional frozen treats that aren’t stay-at-home friendly (looking at you, Ben & Jerry’s).

#3: Rest & Relaxation

Between Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and sooo much more, we can’t seem to get enough of our favorite streaming services — and our poll found we’re in good company! Anything related to resting, relaxing and de-stressing at home came solidly in third place for must-have quarantine products. Our favorite? The Discovery+ Channel!

Going live in January, Discovery+ assembled all our favorite HGTV, TLC, and Food Network shows, just to name a few, in one convenient place, AND with low monthly subscription fees starting at $4.99/month. (If you need us, we’ll be bingeing “Home Town,” “Fixer Upper” and “My Lottery Dream Home.”)

#4: Home Comfort 

If there’s one aspect of quarantine life we can get behind, it’s the shift away from the more formal work attire to more casual clothing. Turns out, many of you agree! Our poll’s fourth-place quarantine comfort must-haves were anything and everything to make you comfy and cozy. And we’ve got JUST the pick: the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe. 

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Source: barefootdreams.com

Barefoot Dreams provides robes, blankets and cozy loungewear guaranteed to keep you comfy while you’re at home browsing the latest million-dollar listings on Homes.com. (Just gonna throw this out there…we don’t recommend this “quarantine-chic” for virtual work meetings, so don’t get us in trouble, ok?)

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#5: Kitchen Coffee Essentials

SO MANY of our poll responses said that kitchen appliances, specifically ones that deliver caffeine, have been must-have quarantine products within the last year… so we couldn’t choose just one! Coffee was our go-to long before quarantine began, but it’s never too late to upgrade your coffee maker of choice. We recommend the Nespresso Vertuo, because it’s the ideal coffee maker for anyone who doesn’t want to be limited to just espresso.

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Source: Facebook//Nespresso

But, to go along with your luxurious coffee maker, you’ll need mugs to match! These coffee mugs from Anthropologie instantly brighten your day, but if you need something a bit more subdued, check out these clear mugs from Crate & Barrel.  

#6: Our Relationships 

Finally, who could get through pandemic life without staying connected to the relationships that shape our world for the better? Our survey found that friends and family weren’t the only relationships keeping us sane —our pets were, too! At Homes.com, we LOVE pets, but if we had to choose our favorite, we’re definitely dog lovers. (No seriously – if you visit our home search site, scroll down and meet some of our furbabies!) So for all you fellow pooch parents out there, show them how much you appreciate their canine comfort this last year by gifting some ultimate relaxation.

Source: amazon.com

With one of these top-rated dog beds from PetFusion, your furry friend can rest happily on memory foam padding and an easy-to-clean fabric.  

Did any of your must-haves make our list? Let us know in the comments below — we always love to hear from you! 


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  1. My apartment has literally turned into a gym and movie theater in the last year. When you spend so much time at home, you have to have everything close at hand.
    Awesome article, really helps with ideas!

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