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3 Budget-friendly Home Transformations for Spring

Feeling like your home needs a little TLC but strapped for cash? Here are our top three ideas to transform and breathe new life into your home this spring.

As we are officially settled into 2021 – hello spring – we’re also getting into the mood to start cleaning out our spaces, redecorating, and if you’re like me, thinking through what needs to be done to make you fall in love with your home again. Not only will these updates freshen up our spaces, but it will give us the much needed fresh perspective for the new season! Here are our top three ideas to transform and breathe new life into your home this spring.

Feeling Bold? Paint!

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that we should live life to the fullest. Be bold in your home this year and try some unique paint patterns or colors on your wall to mix things up. Accent walls have become all the rage thanks to TikTok, people paint dots, lines, archways, and mid-century prints that can take a room from looking plain to amazing in the snap of a finger.

couple painting

If painting is too much for you or you’re a renter, try wall galleries. These are all the rage in 2021, and they can be pretty affordable too if you look in the right places. Try IKEA for picture frames or your local thrift store if you’re down to have a variety. IKEA also carries prints you can buy, or you can make your own on canvases of watercolor paper. Pressed flowers, mirrors, and wall plants are all other things you can add to make your gallery look complete.

wall gallery



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Rearranging Furniture

The best thing about rearranging your furniture, it’s free! Moving your sofa to a different wall, or the cabinet to a different room can do a lot. If you’re open to suggestions, maybe ask your close friends their opinion on how to change things up, if you’re artistic or picky about the final vision, try sketching your your space and taking measurements to find the perfect layout for you. These simple changes will have you looking at your home in a whole different way.

furniture living room budget friendly home

Rearranging your furniture may also be the boost of energy you need to motivate you to deep clean and organize your space. Getting rid of the dust and debris will make your home a healthier space to live. By this point we have probably figured out what we really use, what we really need, and what is taking up valuable space. Purging and organizing our homes is a great way to gain additional storage and space. Want to really shake things up, get the kids involved and see if they want to switch rooms, I’m sure they may love a change of scenery too. 

Update Kitchen Hardware

If you’re like my family, we have been spending way more time than normal cooking in our kitchen the past few months. As one of the most used rooms in the home, doing something as simple as change out the cabinet and drawer pulls can completely change the look of your kitchen. Switching from a different metal like brushed nickel to black or even trying a trending metal of brushed gold. 

kitchen cabinets renovation on a budget

Our homes have taken on a deeper meaning since 2020 and its functionality has been put to the test. I don’t think any of us could have predicted that we would be spending so much time at home. If anything, it has given us a reason to appreciate our homes even more. Making changes as simple as moving some furniture, painting your front door, and updating your kitchen hardware, could really improve the aesthetics of our homes and make you fall in love with it all over again.

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