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Tour the Listings That Give Off Major “WandaVision” Vibes

If you’re like us and anticipating this week’s final episode, we’ve gathered some listings that are giving us major “WandaVision” vibes. Virtually tour these homes now!

We’re not saying these are actual homes from the show, but they totally could be!

Chances are, you or someone you know has become obsessed with “WandaVision” — Marvel’s first series on Disney+ that began streaming in January. The story follows characters Wanda and Vision and their lives as told through a “sitcom.” And, if you follow Marvel’s Cinematic Universe timeline, it’s set a few weeks after “Avengers: Endgame” takes place. Even if you aren’t a big Marvel fan, don’t worry, you can still follow what’s going on.

Beginning in the 1950s, each episode takes place in a different decade and pays tribute to several popular sitcoms of each time – “I love Lucy,” “The Brady Bunch,” and “Full House,” are just to name a few. And, the kicker is that with each new decade comes a new home to reflect the decor style of that time!

If you’re like us and anticipating this week’s final episode, we’ve gathered some listings that are giving us major “WandaVision” vibes. Next time Wanda decides to create an alternate reality, these homes definitely need to make her cut!

Cozy 60s Condo

Though this listing is a bit less suburban than the home above, its retro charm makes us feel like we’ve stepped right into the 60s! It’s a quaint mid-century modern condo in Dallas, Texas where the appliances have been updated to give a sleek, modern feel. Check out that bright red tile in the kitchen!

Priced just under $400,000, this condo is a steal. The 60s were a big decade for Wanda and Vision — this is the episode where at the very end, their sitcom world was finally painted in color. And this condo, painted in bright oranges, reds and browns, couldn’t be more fitting for our 60s choice. See for yourself on a virtual tour!

wandavision style home decor house

70s California Dream

Don’t let this home’s modern touches fool you, it takes several design aspects from the 1970s! Just like in episode 3 of “WandaVision,” this listing in Beverly Hills, California has a colorful stained glass art wall and plenty of fun patterned carpet and artwork. The 70s-inspired home in “WandaVision” was full of warm colors — oranges, browns, yellows and greens, and this home (while slightly more modern) is no different. Priced just under $13.5 million, standout retro details flow throughout the entire home, blending the perfect mix of 70s style and Hollywood glam. Who knows, maybe this will be Wanda and Vision’s next getaway? Take our virtual tour before they snatch it up! 

wandavision style home decor house

Sophisticated 80s Style

Calling the 80s lovers! This San Francisco, California home is giving us all the 80s vibes. It’s the kind of home you picture raising a family in, ala “Full House” vibes, and once we found this listing, we felt the exact same way! Listed just over $4 million, this typical San Fran-style home sits on a street of houses with color. The muted green tones of the exterior with multiple-bay windows lends itself to the decade of dance, fashion, and home decor that no one could forget. Elevated, regal, and somehow inviting and cozy, you need to take a virtual tour ASAP

wandavision style home decor house

Suburban Escape

Finally, as the decades progress throughout “WandaVision,” the audience will notice the family’s green home used in most recent episodes. While the home’s exterior certainly goes through some alterations, the neighborhoods continue to give a warm, suburban feel, which we now know was Wanda’s game plan all along. This home in Westfield, Georgia really could be the family’s home — from the green exterior to the white picket fence, we think this home is actually meant for Westview!

Priced just below $500,000, this charming ranch gives a healthy mix between several decade-design trends, with 50s-influenced fine China display, 60s mid-century modern rounded furniture and muted tones from the 90s. It’s a quaint, cozy home that mixes several design elements from “WandaVision” all in one place. See for yourself on a virtual tour!

wandavision style home decor house

“WandaVision” may be wrapping up on Disney+ this week, but we’re constantly updating listings on Homes.com and keeping up with the latest trends, home buying tips and virtual tours up on the blog.   

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