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This Tool Helps Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent for You

In order to find an agent that best suits your needs, has introduced, and upgraded, our “Agent Search” feature.

As housing demand continues to grow and buyers are putting offers on homes as quickly as they come on the market, wanted to create a streamlined process to make building your real estate team easier than ever before. As every homebuyer and seller knows, having trusted real estate professionals on your side is one of the most important steps in the homebuying or selling journey. But finding those professionals sometimes can feel overwhelming. In order to find an agent that best suits your needs, has introduced, and upgraded, our “Agent Search” feature.

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Start building your real estate team now with!

Now, buyers and sellers can find an agent that’s most suitable for their specific needs. Not only can you find trusted agents in your area fluent in your language or with special knowledge of different real estate practices, but you can also identify agents with rapid response time, those who are preferred, and even read through endorsements from other buyers the agent has worked with in the past. We’ve also introduced a “Search by Specialty” function to ensure you find the right agent for your journey. 

Search by Language

As a champion of diversity and inclusion, introduced the “Search by Language” feature in order to provide buyers and sellers with a real estate professional who will be able to communicate with them clearly and in their preferred language.

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In addition to narrowing down your ideal real estate agent by language, you’ll also be able to identify those who are “Rapid Responders.” “Rapid Responder” eligibility requires an agent or office to have a dedicated specialist answering phones during normal business hours,” says Chris Horton, Director of Product for user experience. “For home searchers, what this “Rapid Responder” credential means is that they will easily be able to speak to their agent during their homebuying or renting process.” 

Search by Specialty

There are plenty of reasons people may be looking to move, so if you’re looking for an agent with a specific specialty, then this is the way to go. provides its users with a way to narrow their agent search through the “Search by Specialty” feature. If you’re looking to sell your home, you can find trusted agents within that field. Service members can find agents who specialize in military family home search, and you can even filter by agents who specialize in finding senior communities for those who are searching for their retirement home. Other specializations include new construction, property management for those who like to invest, and luxury homes to make your team tailored to you.

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Start Your Home Search Journey Today!

With, your home search has never been easier. We’ll be with you from every step of the way. You can start browsing available properties on our homepage, search for the ideal real estate team using our new search functionality, find the best lender near you to assist in your home financing, and even visit our How To section to find an entire step-by-step guide on the buying, selling, renting, or financing process.

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