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TikTok Trend: Three Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Greenery Wall

The latest in TikTok decor trends has followers creating greenery walls with faux plants. Here’s how you can create your own!

One of the best ways to get home and apartment inspo is through TikTok (seriously if you’re not on this app by now, what are you doing???), and lately, we’ve been obsessing over several of the app’s decor trends. Perhaps a stress-reducer brought on by pandemic life, but one of the most popular TikTok trends users have been drawn to lately is the building of greenery walls with faux plants. We are SO here for it!

The Benefits of a Faux Greenery Wall

Plants continue to grow in popularity for their calming aesthetics. Whether real or faux, plants have shown to have extremely positive health benefits, especially for mood, and having a dedicated space to show them off brings an added layer of joy (in 2021, couldn’t we all use a bit of that?).

The best part about going faux? The plants are effortlessly eye-grabbing, low maintenance and versatile! Thousands of TikTok users have given their bedrooms this cottagecore-meets-boho feel by hanging faux ivy vines around their space. You don’t have to use ivy though; with whatever touch of green you prefer, you can make this trend align with any decor style. 

Here’s how to put a twist on this trend and achieve the greenery wall that dreams are made of! 

greenery wall

Pick Your Plants!

If you’re following this trend to a T, then you’re already know that ivy is having a moment! But maybe you aren’t looking for long ivy strands and would rather hang potted plants along your wall — thankfully, just about every plant imaginable can be found in faux versions as well. 

  • If you’ve got a coastal vibe running through your home, consider a monstera deliciosa for their gorgeous leaves and tropical flair
  • For cottagecore style, the delicate leaves on ficus lyratas (better known as the fig tree!) and peperomia hopes would amplify your garden vibes without overwhelming your other decor accents
  • For all you modern-style lovers, sleek options like snake plants or prayer plants tie perfectly with your home’s clean lines and simplistic style
  • With farmhouse-style homes, add touches of cacti and jade plants to accentuate your home’s relaxed, weathered feel
  • Traditional decor enthusiasts would love philodendrons or jasmine plants for their picture-perfect details

Where to Find Materials

To achieve the original TikTok ivy wall, look no further than Amazon. To hang the strands, you’ll want to use push pins, small nails, clear tape or small Command hooks. Get resourceful here — whatever you have around your home should work for hanging purposes! 

If you plan to use faux potted plants instead we’re loving the affordable finds from Target, Wayfair, West Elm, and more. You can create your fairytale-like accent wall by using: 

  • Plant Hangers 
  • Shelves
  • Propagation Stations 

Macrame plant hangers have taken the decor world by storm, so if you want this look, all you need to is a cotton cord, brass ring and rope. If you’re renting or can’t place holes in your wall, search for adhesive hooks or shelving to mitigate the risk of wall damage. 

greenery wall

(PS — If you’re feeling extra green, why not create an additional TikTok piece of inspiration and paint your accent wall a dark or sage green shade!)

How to Hang/Style

Deciding where and how to make your plants the focal point will probably be the most difficult step. For your strands of ivy:

  • Weave the pieces around the tops of your walls to surround your space with greenery — this will make you feel like you have ivy literally growing on your wall! 
  • Hang your hooks at the top of your wall and let them fall straight down 
  • Surround a mirror, decor piece or window with your vines

As far as where to host your wall — here are a few styling options!

  • Your kitchen — fill any empty space you may have, including spaces on top of cabinets
  • Your front entryway — let this be the conversation-starter or refreshing greeting when guests enter your home! Hang your plants around a gallery wall, mirror or artwork. 
  • Your bedroom — breathe some life into a space we’ve spent more time in this past year! Drape vines around your mirror, hang around one corner or add along one wall. It not only gives a perfect background for photos (trust us, we have a greenery wall at headquarters!), but instantly lifts the mood of your room!

Can I Use Real Plants?

Of course! While faux plants are ideal if you’re looking for less upkeep, you can absolutely create a plant accent wall with real ones. Make sure if you do, you’re ready to give them some TLC, and remember that having soil in your potted plants will make them heavier to secure on walls or hang from ceilings.

Show Us YOUR Greenery Wall!

The best part of TikTok is seeing how each individual puts their own twist on a trend. Now that you have the tools to put your own spin on the popular greenery walls, make sure to share your photos with us on social media! (PS, don’t forget to tag us at @homesdotcom!)

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