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5 LGBTQ+ Designers We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

Last year, we introduced you to some of our favorite home décor and real estate professionals who are dedicated to LGBTQ+ advocacy and all things home; this year, we’re highlighting a new group of LGBTQ+ designers who are influencing the décor world and spreading positivity one curated Instagram square at a time. Give them a follow and be prepared to fall in love with them and their styles as much as we have!


Zach and Hugh are two interior designers taking followers along their journey as they remodel their 1800s Philadelphia row home. This dynamic duo was recently featured in Apartment Therapy, and rightfully so — their attention to detail and eye for fusing vintage elements, Boho design and Cottagecore accents reminds us why we love home décor in the first place! (And let’s be honest… you CANNOT resist photos of their little family: one cat, one dog and — get this — four chickens!) 

Source: https://www.thisyunkyhouse.com/

Theirs is an expertly-crafted space that truly embodies home. Through gallery walls, green-centric furniture pieces, a few well-placed plants, and Mid-century modern furniture, their design style showcases how seamlessly you can incorporate different elements to bring your style and personality to life. One look at their curated Instagram posts and a peek at their blog leaves no surprise as to why thousands of followers have fallen in love with them.


We’d be remiss not to include this next team in our LGBTQ+ designers spotlight! What started as an Instagram account turned into a small design studio for Savannah and Kaitlyn Stone. The duo behind Ainslie Design Studio connects home décor with psychology, art therapy and personal style to improve their clients’ mental health and wellbeing (seriously, how awesome is this!).

Source: https://www.ainsliedesignstudio.com/

According to their website, “Sav” has a background in psychology and art, and is currently in a PhD program for art therapy, while “K’s” background is in construction project management and carpentry.

Beyond their talent for mindful interior design, the couple has been documenting the renovation of their own 1800s home right outside Chicago, Illinois and often shares their backyard gardening projects. Fun fact: their blog just launched this month, so be sure to stop by and see their exquisite work for yourself. (Oh, and in case you’re in the market for it, the pair can also be booked for wedding displays!)


This Brooklyn duo has captured the hearts of many with their DIY home projects, impeccable design style and commitment to giving New York historical homes a new life! On their second date, Jordan and Barry discovered they both loved home renovation — specifically with historic New York Brownstone homes. Since transforming their own home with a little bit of Mid-century modern and contemporary style, they now share tips, advice and their project management expertise with the rest of the world through their YouTube channel and blog posts.

LGBTQ+ designers
Source: https://thebrownstoneboys.com/blog/

What started as a bike ride around Brooklyn has turned into a special community of Brookstone-lovers and restoration dreamers. Give them a follow on Instagram to check out their latest design projects around New York!


As a self-taught designer, blogger Tyler Poquette knows a thing or two about creating bright, modern spaces. Living in Boston as an elementary school teacher with his adorable pup Ollie, he spends his free time designing and keeping up with Ash & Burrow, an interior design and home entertainment blog that shares décor tips, entertainment spreads and lifestyle/wellness advice.

LGBTQ+ designers
Source: https://www.instagram.com/tylerpo.interiors/

His Instagram is a beautiful display of his contemporary-meets-boho Boston home, along with his design adventures and day-to-day activities. We’re warning you now — you’ll feel like you’re stepping into an IKEA display room scrolling through all his photos!


Tia, the mastermind behind The Queer Bungalow, has been on a journey to remodeling their 1930s beach bungalow in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. With an earthy, boho décor style, the abode has transformed into a bright, inviting space. In between sharing phases of the home’s interior design upgrades, Tia also shares plant progress photos, adorable snapshots of the family cat, Reese, exquisite artwork by several women and BIPOC creators, and words of wisdom and encouragement for the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ designers
Source: https://www.instagram.com/thequeer_bungalow/

In 2020, they summed up a beautiful meaning behind their homeownership:

“Home, she is tiny but mighty; in the way that she cradles the relationship we have. She holds my sacred spaces, reflects a constant sense of accomplishment when I need a reminder, and relinquishes my fears that I am not enough… It’s given me a new meaning of putting down roots, and has served as a reminder that the act of putting down roots is different for everyone and isn’t permanent by nature.”

We couldn’t have said it better, Tia!

Not Just a “June” Thing

While following these and other LGBTQ+ designers is one way to support the LGBTQ+ community, there are countless other ways to show your allyship. GLAAD, American Trans Resource Hub, The Trevor Project and the National LGBTQ Task Force are great resources, and you can likely find a local chapter or support group in your own area with a simple online search. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more up-and-coming LGBTQ+ designers!

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