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Moving in Together: Costs & Savings By City |

Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship, and can certainly pay off. Find out which U.S. cities have the best savings for cohabiting couples!

For many successful romantic relationships in the modern era, the time eventually comes to have ‘the talk.’ No, not that talk — we mean the conversation about moving in together. Is the relationship ready for sharing a bathroom, refrigerator space, and the duvet with each other on a day-in-day-out basis?

Aside from sharing space, moving in together can also change how you both approach your finances. In fact, it can usually come with some serious financial benefits! We admit it —we’re hopeless romantics at But, we also know that finances can be a serious strain on even the best relationships, so we sought out the cities across the country where couples can save the most by taking the leap into cohabiting.


Our analysis is based on a set of assumptions to define standard costs of living for an individual and a couple, including monthly rent, utilities, wi-fi, and groceries. Factors included in our analysis are below. 

Analysis Factors

  1. Monthly Rent (One- and two-bedroom apartment)
  2. Monthly Cost of Groceries
  3. Monthly Cost of Utilities
  4. Monthly Cost of Wi-Fi
  5. Grocery Index

NOTE: Our analysis assumes an individual will move from a one-bedroom apartment (alone) to a two-bedroom apartment (shared) when moving in with a significant other. We also assume that utility costs will increase by 50% when a couple moves in together.

Read on to learn more about our findings!

The Cities Where You’ll Save the Most By Moving in Together

After combing through our data, we compiled the top 10 cities where couples can save the most by moving in together. Spoiler alert: some of the places on this list are the most expensive cities in the nation. 

Cities Where You'll Save the Most by Moving in Together

Couples in California, rejoice! Four California cities made the top 10 for the average monthly savings per person: San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles. San Francisco, where a one-bedroom apartment will cost a single inhabitant $2,923 a month, tops the list; couples in the Golden Gate City can save as much as $1,169.86 by moving in together. San Jose is close behind, with an average monthly savings of $1,059.79. 

Coming in third place is New York City, where rent prices are as high as the Empire State Building. In the Big Apple, the difference between a one- and two-bedroom apartment is only $252 a month. Moving in together seems like a no-brainer—couples that shack up in the Big Apple can expect to save $804.10 per month. In a matter of months, they could have enough money to take a second (or first) honeymoon together!

The Cities Where You’ll Save the Least by Moving in Together

Next, we wanted to determine where couples moving in together would do so more out of love than money because savings from cohabiting would be minimal. This time, Ohio dominates the list, with three cities—Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus—all ranking in the top 10 of cities that save couples the least by cohabitating. 

Map of The Cities Where You’ll Save the Least by Moving in Together

Cincinnati tops the list with an average monthly savings of only $275.14, but this can also largely be explained by the relatively low cost of living in the Queen City. Cincinnati boasts the lowest one-bedroom rental cost in this analysis at only $698 a month—why move in together when you have all that space to yourself?

In second place is St. Louis, Missouri, at $305.56, followed by Cleveland, Ohio with a monthly savings of $310.64. Though shacking up in these cities won’t save you as much as living together in San Francisco, a few hundred extra dollars a month can most certainly add up quickly!

Where Does Your City Rank?

Want a closer look at where you’d save the most by moving in together? Are you curious where your city ranks? We’ve compiled our full data study in this interactive data table. Search for the city you call home or click on the heading of each column to sort by that category!

Finding “the one” is hard enough, but finding your first home together can be even harder. Spend less time house hunting and more time on romance when you explore what’s available in your area with Happy searching (and saving), lovebirds!
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