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October 16, 2017

Here’s Why Downsizing Your Home Is Still a Trending Concept

Still thinking about downsizing your home? Here are some key reasons why you're not alone and why downsizing is still trending.
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October 16, 2017

Is Your Real Estate Agent Really on Your Side?

Where was your real estate agent last summer? Hopefully looking at listings for you! Find out if your real estate agent is on your side.
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October 12, 2017

Starting Out: How to Learn More About Home Loan Options for First-Time Buyers

For first-time home buyers, the loan process can be one of the most frustrating parts of the process. Learn more about your loan options.
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October 9, 2017

5 Reasons Why Bushwick Neighborhood Is New York City’s Artist Haven

New York City's Bushwick neighborhood is an artist's paradise: the community is thriving, the food and drinks are cheap, and art is everywhere.
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October 4, 2017

Why You Should Move to These Three Coastal Cities This Fall

Moving to the coast can feel like a leap of faith, but these coastal cities make taking the plunge a no brainer.
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October 2, 2017

State of the Industry: What to Expect From West Coast Home Markets This Fall

Thinking about buying a home on the West Coast this fall? Here's what you can expect from the home market for fall 2017, from
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September 25, 2017

5 DIY Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Hail Storm

Extreme weather is stressful and scary for homeowners who live in high risk areas. This list can help you prepare your home for a hail storm.
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September 22, 2017

How to Start a Community Garden in Your Neighborhood

Interested in starting a community garden in your neighborhood? Read our helpful guidelines for community gardens, from
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