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Boulder, Colorado, is among the most desirable residential destinations in the entire nation, and anyone who spends even just a few days there will easily understand why. With endless recreational opportunities, stunning views of the surrounding landscape and top-notch shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities, the city of Boulder offers it all, and has a hot housing market with an array of high-end options to match. From downtown residences to those that are found more "off the beaten path," there’s quite a bit to behold in the city of Boulder.

Home to the University of Colorado and its sprawling, striking campus, Boulder is part college town, part thriving artistic and active family community. Its residents are consistently listed among the fittest in the nation, and with Boulder’s astounding number of parks, bike trails and hiking areas, it’s not too hard to see why. It’s a city that values its recreational opportunities, and it welcomes many an active visitor coming to train in the high-altitude environment, climb the numerous peaks in the Flatirons or take part in the Bolder Boulder, one of the nation’s most popular and well-attended annual 10K races. Boulder residents are also an increasingly health-conscious bunch, and this sentiment is reflected in the many vegetarian, vegan and specialty restaurants that dot the streets of the city’s downtown area.

Speaking of that downtown area, much of it is concentrated around Pearl Street Mall, a walkable area in the center of the city known for its breweries, restaurants and broad shopping opportunities. The city has recently outlawed smoking on the Pearl Street Mall corridor, in yet another indication of the area’s increasingly health-conscious vibe. Boulder was once considered a thriving "hippy" destination in the late 1960s, and some of this culture is still evident along Pearl Street and throughout some residential areas, thanks to street performers, specialty shops and other forms of now-legal recreation. The city also boasts an impressive music scene, and offers everything from informal, sporadic street performances to critically acclaimed shows presented by the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. The city also offers a strong, easy-to-navigate public transportation system, so it’s simple to get around by bike or without a car. With a strong economy, a bevy of popular annual events, stunning mountain scenery and endless opportunities for physical fitness and enhancing emotional well-being, it’s no wonder Boulder continues to be one of the top residential destinations in all of Colorado and the American West.