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Durango Home Trends

Colorado is one of the fastest growing housing markets in the country and Durango is experiencing that rapid growth. Many people are leaving major cities to move into smaller, rural areas with easy access to outdoor recreation, making Durango an excellent choice. A strong demand combined with a limited supply of new housing has caused prices to increase, and the trend is expected to continue over the next few years. The average home price in Durango is $497,550. Durango is known for its natural beauty and parks, so neighborhoods that embrace either are very sought after. Falls Creek Ranch boasts picturesque views of the Animas Valley and many houses rest on one-acre lots. The Cliffs, a mountainside gated community, has a private trail system and a variety of architectural styles available, including cabins, cottages, and Pueblo-style. Three Springs is near several parks and trails and is Durango's first neighborhood to follow a Sustainable Development Program, so many homes are “green” and use 33 percent less energy than the average house.

Durango Attractions

Resting in the Animas River Valley just south of the San Juan National Forest, Durango embodies the natural beauty Colorado is known for. Lush green spaces, tree-lined streets, sandstone bluffs, and the San Juan Mountains create a jaw-dropping landscape and plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures. The Animas River runs through the center of town, providing residents with easy access to waterfront parks for whitewater rafting and other water activities. Purgatory Resort is one of many nearby ski spots, boasting over 92 ski runs and five terrain parks. Aboard a train along the Durango and Silverton Gauge Railroad, residents can enjoy a 45-mile scenic trip that meanders through the San Jan Mountains to Silverton, a historic mining town. Durango is also within a short drive of Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Canyon National Park, and Aztec Ruins National Monument, which feature cliff dwellings and other ancient ruins. After exploring, head to Downtown Durango, a National Historic District. The heart of the city is filled with shops, hotels, and more. You can also experience Durango's renowned culinary scene through Downtown's microbreweries and farm-to-table restaurants. Year-round events like Durango Wine Experience and Fiesta Days Rodeo add even more excitement to this beautiful city in the foothills.

Durango Schools

Durango School District 9-R serves over 5,000 students across 15 schools. The district offers several excellent programs including gifted coursework and Advanced Placement. Durango High School and Animas Valley Elementary School are two of the best schools in the district. Durango has five private schools as well. Durango is home to Fort Lewis College, a public liberal arts college. The college has 54 undergraduate majors and a small average class size of 24. Pueblo Community College Southwest- Durango is another option for higher education.

Commuting in Durango

Due to Durango's location in the Animas River Valley, residents enjoy an average commute of only 15 minutes. Routes 550 and 160 bisect the city, allowing for travel south toward New Mexico or north toward Telluride. Although driving remains the most popular mode of transportation, commuting by bicycle is very common. Durango has maintained its position as one of the top bicycle-friendly communities in the country and is recognized by the League of American Bicyclists. Durango has bike lanes, bike boxes, and corrals, so it's no surprise that eight percent of residents commute to work via bicycle. Along with buses, Durango Transit provides public transportation through a trolley along Main Avenue. Durango-La Plata County Airport is served by several airlines, but residents can also use this airport to travel to Denver International Airport to access more flight options.