Step 5How to Home Search Smarter, Not Harder

The Real Estate Agent Mind Shift

For many, gaining an agent represents the moment when the home buying process becomes real. This is no longer daydreaming about homes online, figuring out your preferences, or assessing your finances. From this point on, your options should be clear to you, and the buying process concrete. Your real estate agent is there to focus your intentions and to move you swiftly onto the next step in buying a home.

Now with your agent and team, it’s time to get smarter about your searching. A good agent is one that you can communicate clearly with, and that listens to your top priorities. This communication works both ways; you should ask your agent a lot of questions to unload some of the potential worries or concerns that can arise during the home buying process.

Optimally, your agent will be able to collaborate in the search process, helping you weed through your selections faster than you’d be able to alone and allowing you to narrow down the choices with in-home walk-throughs. As your collaborative search continues, your agent will continue to be your advocate, navigating bad deals and sniffing out swollen price points. If all goes well, your agent should be with you all the way until the close of the sale.

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Smart Search Features on

Over the years, technology has dramatically changed the way real estate agents do business and find leads. Through all those advancements,’s mission has always remained the same: help buyers and sellers connect with local agents. Now, we are pleased to introduce a new era of home search with the new With fun collaboration tools, a new industry-first photo search, and artificial intelligence, buyers and sellers can finally search how they think. Here are a few of the top changes visitors to will find!

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HomeShare makes sharing your favorites lists simpler, with intuitive collaboration tools to easily find, share, and discuss listings with family & friends.

Homes How-To

Homes How-To empowers buyers, sellers, and renters with information to navigate the home search process with confidence.

Ready? Your agent will guide you based on your financial situation, the price points of your home search, and the local market conditions, but now’s a great time to look at finances and the advantages of mortgage pre-approval.