Laundry Room Organization Tips

by Chelsea McDonnoughFebruary 27, 2013

Ah, laundry, the nemesis of most people. But it’s a necessary evil. Having an organized laundry room can cut down on the time spent tackling those piles of clothes and linens.

This laundry is beautiful and organized. The middle cabinet keeps cleaning products and other items hidden away, and the open shelving adds character while maintaining functionality. A trash can in between the washer and dryer is easy accessible to throw away random receipts in jean pockets and lint from the dryer.


Who says the inside of your laundry room cabinets can’t be tidy and pretty? Use baskets to curtail laundry odds and ends. Ditch those loud detergent boxes and put your detergents in matching containers.


My heart almost skipped a beat when I first saw this laundry room. A closet rod is perfect for hanging clothes right out of the dryer or for delicate clothes which shouldn’t be fully dried. The shelf above the front loading washer and dryer is perfect for sorting and folding clothes right out of the dryer. Shelving beside the washer and dryer makes sorting laundry easier with labeled laundry baskets. And taking full advantage of the space, there’s a drying rack on the wall and additional storage on a high shelf.
Wall mounted drying racks are great for drying delicate clothes. They’re a great way to maximize the space in your laundry room.


A small shelf behind your washer and dryer allows your cleaning products to be within reach and keeps those pesky socks from falling behind your washer and dryer.


Retractable clotheslines are perfect for line drying. Once clothes are dry the clotheslines are retracted and hidden in the cabinet. Such a great idea!


Have a lot of kids? Add some shelves to hold several laundry baskets. Baskets can be labeled with children’s names. Even if you don’t have children you could use this system to sort clothing and linens accordingly.


Hopefully these laundry room organization tips will help you stay sane in your never ending laundry battle.

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