Home Buying Checklist

by Shashank ShekharJuly 13, 2015

CHAPTER ONE – Exploring Your Options with a Home Buying Checklist

home buying checklist
Getting Started Checklist – Use this preliminary checklist to focus and narrow your home search. With your search parameters narrowed you can optimize your home search and avoid wasting time on properties you can’t afford or, ultimately, do not meet your primary priorities.

Categorize + Understand Your Needs vs. Your Wants

– List and prioritize “Must-Have” features (at least 3)
– List your primary “Nice-to-Have” features (list 5+)
– Determine what features you are willing to compromise on first (list top 3)

Choose Your Top 3 Preferred Neighborhoods

– ___________________________
– ___________________________
– ___________________________

Choose 3 More Neighborhoods You Would Consider

– ___________________________
– ___________________________
– ___________________________

Check Your Credit and Review Your Budget

– Did you pull all three of your credit scores?
– What is your middle score? _______________

How much can you put toward down payment and closing costs?

$$ __________

What Is your payment comfort zone?

– Does that include taxes and homeowners insurance?
– Does it include homeowner’s association dues if applicable?

Research the Median Home Price in Your Chosen Neighborhoods (List 3 That Fit Your Price Range)

– _____________________________________________
– _____________________________________________
– _____________________________________________

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