Rapper 50 Cent Is Selling His Connecticut Mansion

by Sasha CarterMarch 29, 2016

Movin’ On Up

It’s one of the 25 biggest homes in the United States. It’s also been called one of the tackiest. Over the years, it’s been home to Mike Tyson, a real estate mogul, and a mysterious Lithuanian import-export owner. But that’s a story for another day.

The party-ready mansion at 50 Poplar Hill Drive has attracted plenty of larger-than-life owners over the years. It’s easy to see why those with a superlative sense of swagger would be attracted to this over-the-top home. At more than 50,000 square feet, it’s large enough to contain even the biggest egos.

 50 Poplar Hill Rd, Farmington CT, 06032

Made in the ‘80s

This home was built in 1985, so it’s every bit as glossy as you’d expect. And while that era of architecture isn’t currently the most fashionable, there was a time not that long ago that mid-century style was deeply unfashionable. My, how times have changed.

In its way, 50 Poplar Hill is kind of a masterpiece. Just spend a moment taking in that cathedral-like grand foyer, with its marble floors, stately columns, sweeping cherry wood staircases. Take a ride on that armor-plated elevator with its impossibly tall windows. Yes, from the moment you enter this home, there’s a definite “Miami Vice-meets wealthy suburb” vibe going on.

 50 Poplar Hill Rd, Farmington CT, 06032

Fun x Fiddy

OK, so the architecture might not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s hard to question 50’s taste in amenities. This place has everything you’d need to throw a party of truly legendary proportions.

Let’s start with the nightclub, where you’ll find a lighted dance floor, a thunderous sound system and purpose-built DJ booth, and enough hotel bar-style seating for everyone on your A-list, plus one. And yes, there’s a full wet bar, complete with neon signs. Nearby, there’s a mini casino with what appears to be black light-sensitive craps tables.

night club in 50 cent's home
And of course, there’s a broad selection of pool tables, both ultra-modern and old-fashioned. Let’s keep moving. There’s so much to explore here.
poker tables in 50 cent's home
Check out those racquetball courts. You know you’re in a classy place when there’s one of these. For those of you who don’t know: racquetball is sort of like tennis, but with a few key differences:

  • Nobody really knows how to play it
  • Games are no fun at all to watch
  • You have to play inside a giant wooden box
  • The racquets are smaller
  • For a game for two, It takes up a ton of space

Not into racquetball? No worries. There’s also a basketball court, a shooting range, and a health-club-style gym.

racquetball courts in 50 cent's home
Are you in the process of becoming the next big pop-star/YouTube sensation? You’ll be happy to know that this home is equipped with a Hollywood-style green screen and a fully equipped recording studio.

And we can’t forget about the pools. The indoor pool came with the house. It’s comfortable any time of year. Just don’t stare at that diagonal wood paneling for too long. You’ll upset your center of balance.

Fiddy had the outdoor infinity pool added, because who wants to swim inside when the sun’s shining? And the coup de grace? That wonderful, private, Playboy mansion grotto!

 50 Poplar Hill Rd, Farmington CT, 06032

The Bare Necessities

You can probably already tell that this home has more than enough space and amenities to accommodate your lifestyle, but just in case you were wondering about the stats, it has 19 bedrooms, 19 baths, five Jacuzzis, a stunning home theater, pond with a fountain and a waterfront guest house, a boat dock, and a helipad for those quick jaunts to NYC.

Don’t Lie: You’re Kinda’ Into It

OK, so the grown-up in you is probably thinking, “Who needs all that stuff?” But your inner Richie (or Rikki) Rich is like, “Yes! This is the place for me. Finally, a home where I can shoot assault rifles, record my next big hit, go swimming, play basketball, and show off my best dance moves, all in a couple of hours.”

At $8.5 million, it’s not cheap, but when you think about it for an extra minute, it’s almost a bargain.
rapper 50 cent's home is for sale

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