What Men and Women Look for When They’re Ready to Buy a Home

by Matty ByloosMay 17, 2016

He Said, She Said — Who’s Right?

Buying a home as a couple is a big commitment, and for the best possible home buying experience, it’s important to choose a home that both partners are excited about. If you’re shopping for a home with a significant other, you’ll probably see eye-to-eye on many things, but there may be certain instances in which your criteria differ.

And while we’re not overly fond of making sweeping generalizations or getting involved in the battle of the sexes, it’s fair to say that certain priorities tend to be divided along gender lines. So what do women tend to look for in a home? And what about men? Where do their house-hunting priorities lie?
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The Three L’s

As everyone knows, location is a big factor when choosing a home. But while both men and women want a home in a good neighborhood, their definitions of what that means vary.

For men, excitement is a big priority. They’re interested in all the fun things they can do near home, and they’re willing to put up with a little extra danger if it means being close to good restaurants, a thriving nightlife, and other amenities. Men also place a premium on living close to work. They’re willing to travel to socialize, but they’d much rather have a short commute.

Women tend to be more willing to forgo excitement around the home in favor of good schools, safe streets, and a location that’s close to family and friends. They tend to want to keep loved ones close to home, even if that means traveling farther for work or entertainment options.

Good Neighbors

Men and women also value different traits when it comes to neighbors. Women tend to be more satisfied when there are friendly neighbors around to socialize with, especially when those neighbors fall into demographics (young parents, retirees, etc.) that are similar to their own. Men aren’t picky about demographics, and generally don’t mind neighbors who keep to themselves, as long as they don’t make too much noise or neglect to pick up after their dogs.

Minding the Specs

When buying a home, men want to know what they’re getting into from a maintenance standpoint. They’re more likely to pay close attention to the details of a home inspection. And while they’re okay with buying a home that needs a little elbow grease, they’re wary of purchasing a place that has serious electrical, structural, or plumbing issues.

Women don’t want to buy a money pit either, but they’re less likely to get wrapped up in the technical details of the home’s condition, as long as the home inspector gives it a clean bill of health and it has a lot of potential.
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What Makes a Great Kitchen?

As it turns out, everyone loves a great kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the social center of any home. Women tend to be drawn by spacious, breezy kitchens with plenty of workspace and a carefully considered floor plan.

Men get more excited about the gadgetry. For them, a kitchen with a commercial-grade range, a high-tech refrigerator, and a dishwasher with all the bells and whistles would definitely give a home a few extra points in the “pros” column.

Everyone Needs Personal Space

For women, the bedroom is more than a place for sleeping and romance; it’s a private sanctuary for R&R any time of day. It should come as no surprise that the ladies place a premium on having a spacious bedroom, preferably with a walk-in closet and an inviting bathroom with a jetted soaking tub.

The average guy might be just fine with a relatively Spartan bedroom, but that doesn’t mean men don’t value private space. Men like a space where they can make noise, so they prefer a home that has the potential for a man cave, den, or converted garage hangout space.

The Best of Everything

If you’re purchasing a home with your significant other, we hope you find a place that gives you both exactly what you need in a home. And if you need help locating that dream house, we’re always happy to help.


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