12 Interesting Ideas for DIY Lampshades Done Easy

by Alex ThatcherAugust 19, 2016

Easy DIY Lampshade Ideas for Your Home

Lampshades, a tricky home detail, are often one of the finishing touches you add to a room to tie things together. Unfortunately, this small detail can sometimes mandate a large budget, depending on taste and available selection.

But before you prepare to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a small shade to perfectly synthesize a space in your home, consider these 12 simple DIY ideas to create a lampshade for less.
easy diy lampshade home decor projects

1. Minimal Design

Do you value design that emphasizes minimalism, as well as the power of white volumes and open spaces? Create a lampshade that reflects these values by following Homesthetics design and craft a concrete lamp filtering light through raw texture. While concrete may be an unconventional choice for a lampshade material, the result showcases minimalism at its finest.

2. Hemp Pendant Lamp

With just a few necessary materials, thick hemp string, a bouncy ball, and clear drying craft glue, you can make a gorgeous pendant lamp shade. Inspired by chic design store West Elm, you can craft your own rustic hemp pendant lamps at a fraction of the retail cost by following this tutorial: Hemp Pendant Lamps.

3. Lace Pendant Lamp

Love the idea of creating a pendant lamp, but looking for something a little more delicate? Start with a white balloon, wall paper glue, and doilies to create beautiful lace vision of lamps to decorate your space. Similar to the hemp lampshade, this is another DIY project that takes little time and money to craft a lovely product.

4. Industrial Shades

Modern, industrial, and timeless, silver metal lampshades are sharp details to add in any kitchen. For a few dollars at IKEA, you can pick up a cylindrical silverware caddy and turn it into a lampshade by adding hardware, a cord, and wires.

5. Literary Lampshade

Looking to add a lampshade in a library or study? Why not utilize the pages of a book as a lampshade? Follow this clever tutorial on Instructables to find out how you can refashion an old book into a lampshade that beautifully diffuses light without causing a safety hazard.

6. Wood Branch Lampshade

Emphasize nature and complement a rustic, wood-cabin feel by creating a tree branch chandelier. Think outside of the box with this lampshade: to start, simply find an assortment of branches that you like, screw the branches together, add sockets, and insert lights. For full details, follow this DIY tree branch tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

7. Chevron Style Lampshade

One of the easiest lampshade DIY fixes we found, a chevron style lampshade, is the perfect addition to a chic, modern space. All you’ll need for this fix is blue painters tape (a readily available supply) and a paint color of your choosing. Check out this tutorial to see how you can turn a plain shade into a classy fixture with gold finishes: Gold Chevron Lampshade Tutorial.

8. Diamond Ribbon

Similar in looks but even simpler in execution, applying a diamond shaped pattern to a lampshade is another easy, cost-effective solution to making a lampshade you want in your home. Choose a ribbon you want to incorporate into your space, and follow the simple instructions on Curbly to create an aesthetic, geometric design solution.

9. Go Global

For the traveler in your life, whether that’s you, your spouse, or one of your kids, celebrate the love of the adventure through crafting a lampshade out of a globe. Deceptively simple, all you’ll need for this lampshade is a globe you can cut in half, and then use one of the hemispheres as a pendant lamp.

10. Drop Cloth Lampshade

Looking to add a touch of whimsy to your space? Interested in cultivating a sense of old vintage charm? Embellish your lampshade with faux flowers. See how you can add a feminine touch at a minimal cost by following this tutorial: DIY Flower Lampshade.

11. Ombre Lampshade

If you’re looking to emphasize a color scheme in your space, a lampshade is a perfect tool to solidify your color palate. One of our favorite techniques? Incorporate hues by using ombre hair dye. Check out this tutorial for details: Ombre DIY Lampshade.

12. Balsa Wood Lampshade

If you already have a lampshade, but you don’t think it fits well with your space, repurpose the shade you already have to save money and resources. One of our favorite fixes? Wrap pieces of balsa wood around the shade to create a sleek and beautiful wood frame for your light. Check out this blog for design details: DIY Balsa Lampshade.

A Cost-Saving Craft and a Final Touch

Regardless of your preferred lampshade material or shape, you should be able to find a lampshade that reflects your style and ties together the details in your home without breaking the bank. Whether you decide to revamp your lighting by altering a traditional lampshade or you go with an idea a little more outside the box, there is a cost-effective solution to suit every style and taste.

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