Virginia Beach, Virginia: The Beach Community with a Laid-Back Feel

by Carson BuckFebruary 16, 2017

Apparently Virginia Is Not Just for Lovers Anymore

The old saying “Virginia is for Lovers” probably has more to do with the romantic allure of Virginia Beach than it does with the rest of the state combined. Virginia Beach has long been the destination in the state for summertime fun, sun, surf, and sand. But these days, Virginia Beach is fast becoming a year-round destination and the kind of place where people are looking to put down roots.

In fact, according to internal search data, Virginia Beach has the most listings, interest, and average views on property in the entire state. So what’s so great about Virginia Beach that even in the off-season, it would inspire more Internet-based property searches than the communities surrounding the nation’s capital and every other city and town in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia? Read on to find out…

World-Class Entertainment, Gorgeous Views, and Great Restaurants, Oh My!

Virginia Beach is both the state’s largest metropolitan area, and its biggest tourist destination. According to its listing in U.S. News and World Report‘s Best Places to Live, Virginia Beach is home to the best dining, greatest entertainment, and best view properties in the whole Commonwealth.

Furthermore, it’s a resort community with a cost of living in line with the national average. Anyone who’s spent time in a coastal resort town can tell you how rare that is. But, aside from world-class everything on an average budget, besides the gorgeous waterfront views, the great restaurants, the world-class entertainment and arts, what’s to love about Virginia Beach?

Reasonable Housing Costs

One of the great things about Virginia Beach, indeed one of the main drivers in keeping the cost of living near the national average, is the affordable nature of its homes. Check out this five bedroom, three bath, brick stunner for less than $250,000, or this great little four bedroom, two bath house for less than $200,000. And those who may be set on a waterfront view can still find properties like this one, with four bedrooms and three baths for just over $500,000.
Living in Virginia Beach

The Weather, The Waves, The Best Way to Live

With high temperatures that top out in the upper seventies in summer and low temperatures rarely below the low forties in the winter, calling Virginia Beach an ideal climate is a bit of an understatement.

The town also has a great mass transit system, but with fantastic weather and a general lack of urban sprawl, you could practically get by commuting, shopping, and living by bike or on foot. Best of all, perhaps, the town enjoys an average cost of living with an over-average job market and potential for job growth in the immediate future.
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