Jacksonville, NC: An Affordable Beach Community People Are Falling in Love With

by Carson BuckApril 28, 2017

Settle Down in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Talked about in reverent hush tones and whispers, Jacksonville is one amazing city that North Carolina residents are trying to keep secret. Located in eastern North Carolina, Jacksonville offers easy access to Topsail Island Beaches, Wrightsville beach, and the Emerald Isle.

Curious to learn more about the beach city of Jacksonville? Read on to learn what makes Jacksonville, North Carolina a great place to call home.
living in jacksonville north carolina

Getting to Know Jacksonville North Carolina

Home to a large military base, Jacksonville, North Carolina is one of the “youngest” cities in the United States. With a young and thriving population, Jacksonville is characterized by a youthful, energetic vibe, and its energy is contagious.

Per our internal data, “At 83.24, Jacksonville has the highest average number of searches anywhere in North Carolina. Jacksonville doesn’t just have a lot of listings, Jacksonville has a lot of listings that come up over and over.” With a rise in home listings, real estate trends show that families are eyeing Jacksonville as a top-interest beach community.
living in jacksonville north carolina

Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, NC

A fundamental starting point for getting to know any city is learning about the neighborhoods there. Jacksonville’s neighborhoods are praised for their low crime rates, easy outdoor access, and competitively low pricing. At Homes.com, here are a couple neighborhoods that we know are on the rise:
New River – Nestled near the base, this residential neighborhood offers some of Jacksonville’s best scenic real estate. New River residents enjoy access to a piece of New River, a 50-mile long river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean. What would it look like to call this Jacksonville neighborhood home? Check out this modern three bedroom home to get a sense of how dreamy riverfront living in Jacksonville can be.
Aldersgate – Known as an established neighborhood for families and homeowners, Aldersgate is another very desirable Jacksonville neighborhood. Homes in this neighborhood are well maintained and manicured, without seeming like anything out of The Truman Show. In fact, properties in Aldersgate, like this stunning four-bedroom home, are some of the most desirable pieces of real estate in the city.
225 2nd Street Jacksonville, NC 28540

Understanding Schools in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Another hot topic for those looking to relocate: what are the schools like in Jacksonville, North Carolina? As a populous, family-oriented city, Jacksonville offers a wide range of educational opportunities for its many young residents. For middle schoolers, New Bridge Middle School offers top-notch arts and social education credits. Whether students are designing robots or creating necklaces out of DNA, this school is innovative and committed to student success.

Jacksonville High, a public high school, continues to challenge students as they prepare for college education. Parents at this Jacksonville school praise the education, saying, “The teachers are very helpful and the sports program is amazing. I definitely recommend to anyone that is in, or is moving into Onslow school district.”
living in jacksonville north carolina

Coastal Living in Jacksonville

In 2014, Forbes recognized Jacksonville, North Carolina as one of the fastest-growing small cities in the country. Since then, Jacksonville has continued to emerge as a viable beach community, and now is the ideal time to make a move to Jacksonville, North Carolina. So, don’t delay! Start your search for your Jacksonville home with Homes.com today.
living in jacksonville north carolina

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