360 Pictures Are Transforming the Home Buying Process

by Carson BuckJuly 17, 2017

Did You Know That 360 Pictures Are Reinventing Home Buying?

Move than the usual virtual tours and Google Earth screen shots, 360 photos are completely changing the home buying process. By bringing real estate listings to life with intimate, immersive experiences, 360 pictures fill a void between videos and photos that the real estate world didn’t even know it was missing.

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What’s the Deal With 360 Photos?

For homebuyers, travelers, and photo enthusiasts, 360 photos are a pretty cool advancement in technology. With the help of an iPhone, a VR headset, or even simple internet access, people can share 360 photos with friends and families – providing them with the unique ability to move around inside the image as if they were physically immersed in the space.

Emily Price, a journalist in San Francisco, shares “with 360 pics and VR, you truly feel like you’re somewhere, not just experiencing it through someone else’s eyes. It’s not exactly like being there, but it’s tremendously closer than anything I’ve ever been able to capture or share before.”

So How Are 360 Photos Changing the Real Estate Market?

360 photos are changing the real estate game in two major ways: by increasing the volume of responses to listings and by revolutionizing the buyer experience. To understand how 360 photos impact the number of responses a Realtor or a home seller receives, we turn to the 360 photo experts.

Matterport, a unique startup that provides 360 pictures for residential real estate, makes it easy for Realtors to create an online experience for prospective buyers. With Matterport’s 360 pictures and 3D Showcase tools, potential buyers can virtually move through a property and explore a home from any angle. According to Matterport, when Realtors use these 360 photos, potential buyers are 95% more likely to call and 300% more engage with the listing.

360 photos are also changing the experience of buying a home. The days of waiting for an agent to send you a listing, then call you back, then going to tour several homes – many of which may or may not be worth your time – are waning. 360 photos provide homebuyers with immersive tour experiences from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s easier to vet properties and to identify which houses could really feel like home. For homebuyers, 360 photos streamline the buying process, saving the buyers valued time and energy while they’re on the hunt for the perfect home.

Buyers and Professionals Weigh in on 360 Photos

So what are people saying about 360 photos? Homebuyers are thrilled with this advance in technology. Rachel Heisterkamp, a Portland buyer who just purchased a property in the Parkrose district claims that 360 photos were instrumental in helping her decide on the home. “Initially I was a little unsure about the area,” she says, “but when I saw 360 photos of the home’s interior, I fell in love. I could see myself investing time and energy to make this place my home.”

Real estate and architecture professionals, too, are offering accolades for 360 photos. Jeshua Dejongh, an architectural designer, weighs in on how 360 photos transform a buyer’s ability to envision their future space. He claims, “for new construction, it’s great to have 360 photos and VR technology available. We’re able to show clients what it will feel like to be in their future home or office space just by using Google Cardboard and an iPhone.”

With the benefits of 360 photos, it’s safe to say this technology is here to stay in the real estate world.


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