6 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Graduate’s Old Room

by Mahogany WaldonAugust 30, 2017

Here’s a sad reality: your baby isn’t a baby anymore. You’ll probably always remember the nesting days preparing your home for your bundle of joy. During those times, you spent countless days and nights preparing their nursery, cleaning and getting the house ready for baby. Let’s not forget them outgrowing the nursery and progressing to the cute toddler bedroom and eventually the teenage bunker that withstood an admirable number of changes (ah, remember when you woke up and those boy band posters were finally gone?!)

Before we take a tear-worthy trip down memory lane and your empty nest syndrome sets in, have no fear! Your high school or college grad is moving on and so should you. Instead of crying over the move, you can finally re-purpose that soon-to-be empty room into a project you’ve been dying to try. Here are a few ways you can re-purpose your graduate’s old room.

1. A hobby room

re-purpose grad's room: Sewing Room
Say hello to your new project! The days of storing your precious yarn and crochet needles in the attic or basement are gone. You can turn your nest into a hobby oasis by adding a small workstation equipped with a table, sewing machine, pattern kit and a few storage bins. No matter your hobby, whether it’s photography, painting, sewing or knitting, a space to express your creativity is a great add-on to any home.

2. A mom or dad cave

re-purpose grad's room: Man Cave
Just like when it was your child’s old bedroom, you can utilize the re-purposed space for a mom or dad cave- perfect for adult sleepovers or for a relaxing escape from the mundane. Instead of bunk beds, a futon and a nice-sized TV can transform the once child’s play area into a relaxation room or social gathering spot. All that’s left is for you to call the neighbors and get the party started. Who said empty-nesters can’t have fun?

3. Meditation room

re-purpose grad's room: Yoga Room
Speaking of relaxation, a meditation room can be the modern add-on you’ve always needed. This project can be as simple as investing in a comfy recliner, a small book shelf filled with your favorite inspirational books and some yoga mats. To take it up a notch, you can also add healing crystals like amethyst or jade, Himalayan salt lamps and other metaphysical nick-knacks to give your room a truly relaxing feel. You can now enjoy some new-found quiet time and embrace your inner yogi!

4. Pamper room

re-purpose grad's room: Pamper Room
Ever wanted to live like Marilyn Monroe but never had the space? Now you can! You can always spruce up this empty room with a unique vanity set, some free-standing hangers or moveable racks for your clothes, and some stations for manis and pedis. Sometimes, it can be so overwhelming when you don’t have space to house all your accessories. This cool project will ensure your pounds and pounds of clutter never spills over onto partner’s side of the sink again! When your pamper room is up and running, call your beloved daughter over to show you some of her trendy new makeup tips. Dads can also enjoy a pamper room. If you’ve got your own clippers or at least a shaving kit, you can easily add your own spin to this idea.

5. Break room, coffee room or bar

re-purpose grad's room: Coffee Room
When it comes to making your home your own, be mindful that the same rules that once applied to your youngin’, don’t always have to apply to you. Although your kids were banned from eating and drinking in their bedroom, you can take a new spin on that rule. Transforming an old bedroom into a break area equipped with a coffee maker, mini fridge and toaster oven can be the pick-me-up you need. If your house already has a home office, adding to the work-from-home feel with a custom break room could very well be the push you need to never step foot out of the house again!

6. Rec room

re-purpose grad's room: Rec Room
Now that your little birdies have left the nest, it’s high time to take your health seriously. Your baby leaving home may be a tell-tale sign of you and your spouse aging but with your own home gym or rec room, you can turn back the hands on your biological clock. Adding some free weights, an elliptical or a treadmill are simple ways to turn your grad’s old room into a workout oasis. Investing in a small table, mini fridge and a blender can also add to the gym buff vibe by taking your rec room to the next level. Fruit smoothie, anyone?

These ideas can give your empty bedroom the boost it needs to turn your nest into a relaxing sanctuary. Whatever you do, please don’t let your awesome spare bedroom become dreaded storage space. Are you looking to send your new graduate off in style? Check out these tips for throwing a stress-free graduation party.

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