Nutty Cities

by Grant SimmonsAugust 9, 2017

The team went nuts finding several street names and locations that are so nutty, Surly and his friends (from The Nut Job 2) may reconsider relocating to one of these tasty-sounding towns.

You may think we’re nuts, but how about the folks living in Nuttsville, Virginia, or the defenders of Nutter Fort, West Virginia? With almost 20,000 cities, towns and villages in the US, you’d expect a little bit of nuttiness to creep into some of those locations’ names.

As a celebration of nutty names and the animated movie The Nut Job 2, has compiled the (almost) definitive list of hometowns in the US that sound kinda nutty to us.

Filter or zoom in on the map above to see if there’s a Walnut Grove near you (the most popular of town names in America), or travel deep into Maine to visit Squirrel Island, a place Surly & friends might one day call home.

If you want to be a unique nut, try nibbling a hazelnut in Filbert, West Virginia or sampling a Brazil nut in Brazil, Indiana. If you prefer to live in warmer climes travel to Florida, with a few coconuts as an obvious draw, and if you’re into seeing everything in between there and Idaho, may we suggest a Pinehurst near you? With towns bearing that name from Texas to North Carolina, Massachusetts to Idaho, and Georgia to Nevada, you’ll be sure to cover the most miles of any nut on that trip!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the delicious almond. Although there’s only three towns that call themselves but that moniker, we salute our Blue Diamond partner with a triangle that spans most of the East Coast and the Midwest, with nuttiness from North Carolina, New York, and Wisconsin.

If there’s no town near you with a nutty name, fear not, The Nut Job 2 opens nationwide on August 11th and we’re certain that it’ll be at your hometown theater with just the right amount of nuttiness for kids of all ages.

[Editor: Kudos to the folks that live in Nutrioso, AZ (population 26) for the coolest nutty name we found!]


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