Arizona’s “Alien Ranch” Will Leave You Speechless

by Jamey MortonOctober 19, 2017

Saddle Up To These Aliens From Another Dimension

Are you an avid horse lover? Are you looking for a large piece of property in a private setting for an affordable price? Have you been playing phone tag with aliens from another dimension? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this ranch in Buckeye, Arizona is the perfect investment for you.

Featured on The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures as well as numerous paranormal blogs and websites, this ranch has become notorious for its mysterious visitors and strange encounters with beings who seem to be from another dimension.
Aliens at this Buckeye Home

Close Encounters With Another Dimension

John Edmonds moved to Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona 20 years ago when he wanted to open a horse rescue. Upon moving onto the property, Edmonds was approached by a machete-bearing neighbor who claimed to be “the one who kept the monsters away.” The couple also found that all the furniture and belongings from the previous owners had been thrown into the pool.

Almost immediately, John and his wife began noticing strange and painful marks on their bodies. Joyce, John’s wife, claims she was attacked by a paranormal entity in the master bedroom. The brave couple has also had horses and dogs attacked by what they claim to be aliens.

A Private Haven for Alien Enthusiasts

Despite the violent aliens, the 3,500-square-foot home is a dream for horse enthusiasts looking for an escape. The five bedroom, four bathroom, nine acre estate comes complete with a well-maintained pool, RV-hookups, private well, four horse corrals, pole barn, arena, tack room, kennel, and commercial-sized hay barn. It also has an electronic gate for ultimate privacy.

Edmonds has claimed to have killed 18 aliens with a samurai sword in the time that he has lived on the ranch, and has lost one dog to the creatures. He has taken tissue and fluid samples from the alien creatures and found that it was unlike any substance ever encountered by humans before.
Aliens at the Buckeye home

This Alien Ranch Is Not for the Faint of Heart

After twenty years of battling these violent creatures from another realm, Edmonds and his wife are ready to move on. Buyers who are looking to purchase this property must first sign a waiver that acknowledges there is no guarantee of having or not having an alien encounter.

Kimberly Gero, the listing agent, warns that this home is only for people who are interested in living with aliens. Gero says, “If it happens, it happens… I don’t think you’re going to find another property quite like this one.”
Aliens in the Arizona home

Pony Up, This Property May Have a Hidden Cost

The house and its property are on the market for five million, but before you go signing all the contracts, remember that these aliens physically injured past inhabitants of the home. If you are prepared for intense alien encounters and isolating paranormal activity, this is just the home for you.

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