The 5 Best Airports in the US

by Christelle HollomonDecember 19, 2017

Do you dread going to the airport? Long lines, TSA, limited food options, flight delays, you name it.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 2.5 million passengers fly every day in and out of US airports. For some, flying may be an exciting experience, but for others, not so much. Many airports are too crowded for comfort, have poor staff, or lack amenities like Wi-Fi, making your layover feel longer. However, not all airports are created equal! Some have all the amenities and the relaxed atmosphere to satisfy all your traveling needs.

At, we like to travel with ease and we want you to as well — especially in the midst of the holiday season. According to Conde Nast Traveler‘s 30th annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey, these are the top 5 best airports in the US. With these airports, you’ll be sure to have a nice flight!
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1. Indianapolis International Airport (IND), Indianapolis, Indiana

For the fourth year in a row, Indianapolis International Airport takes first place for the best airport in the US. Other than having delicious food options like Granite City and Shapiro’s Delicatessen, IND is known for having a great TSA system to help you breeze through security. Based on monthly trends in passenger traffic, the IND broke records three times this year, due to their “west coast connectivity” with nonstop flights to Seattle and Los Angeles and three daily flight to San Francisco. Indianapolis has even announced that they will offer their first transatlantic nonstop flight to Paris beginning in 2018.

Fun fact: In January 2018, Frontier Airlines will move from Concourse B to Concourse A. This will be the first ever gate change in the new terminals’ history.

2. Portland International Airport (PDX), Portland, Oregon

Inspired by Portland itself, Portland International Airport is known for its connectivity. The airport is connected to the city by not only roads, but bike paths and a light rail as well. PDX is also known for being very traveler-friendly. The airport offers free Wi-Fi and has many local shops to find unique souvenirs. PDX won TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards for Best Large US Airport, Best US Airport Shopping, and Best US Airport Dining and Airport Revenue News awards for Airport with Best Management Team, and Airport with Best Overall Program.

Fun fact: The old PDX airport carpet has become a hipster icon. Even though the old carpet was torn up in 2015, the original 80s carpet design still has a cult following with 23k followers on Instagram.

3. Long Beach Airport (LGB), Long Beach, California

Known for it’s appealing aesthetics, Long Beach Airport is sure to give you a charming getaway feeling. Lined with palm trees (that shade an outdoor wine bar), the airport makes you feel like you’re still in Southern California, rather than in limbo between work and life. Due to the addition of Southwest Airlines, ticket prices decreased, which created a 50% increase in passenger volume earlier this year. Travelers at LGB can enjoy many eateries and local attractions in Long Beach.

Fun fact: From 1910-1919, before the current airport was built, the city’s seven miles of beach served as Long Beach’s “airport,” in which airplanes used it as a runway.

4. Tampa International Airport (TPA), Tampa, Florida

Just as the sea breeze from the Gulf, you’ll be sure to get through TSA at Tampa International Airport in a breeze! The airport has a low security wait time and is easy to get around in. And to make the experience even smoother, TPA is introducing new SkyConnect trains to help people move around better at and around the airport.

Fun fact: Tampa Bay is the birthplace of commercial airline service, when Tony Jannus flew the inaugural flight of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line on January 1, 1914, from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Tampa using a Benoist Flying Boat – the first scheduled commercial airline flight in the world using a heavier-than-air airplane.

5. Bradley International Airport (BDL), Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Located just 12 miles north of Harford, Bradley International Airport is the second-largest and second-busiest airport in New England. BDL is continuously growing and has recently added more nonstop flights and amenities such as a mother’s nursing room and new restaurants. Passengers rave about the airport because its convenient on-site parking, plentiful charging stations and free Wi-Fi, restaurant options, and overall relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, BDL makes it easy to Love The Journey.

Fun fact: Bradley International Airport also serves as a military facility for the US Air Force.

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