7 Neighborhoods That Have a 15 Minute Commute (or Less) to Central DC

by Ben SanfordMay 30, 2018

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Washington, DC is a hotbed of activity these days, especially with the historic numbers of hirings and firings taking place in the federal government. People are always coming and going, and this means the real estate market in the Capitol is also abuzz with a flurry of transactions.

Living in the nation’s capital can be exciting, fulfilling, and entertaining. But just ask anyone who lives here, and they’ll tell you that while the city is great, the traffic is just terrible. Luckily, there are still some places where you can live that can have you commuting to downtown in 15-minutes or less. Here are seven such places for you to consider.

short commute to DC


Georgetown is just a ten-minute drive from downtown and there are plenty of reasons why you might want to move here. For starters, it has very low crime, which is probably a result of it being one of the most expensive places to live in the area. According to AreaVibes, the cost of living in Georgetown is 45% higher than all of D.C. But, that’s not all that’s high; the value of the real estate here is 109% higher than the rest of the area.

Because this is a college town, Georgetown has a generous number of restaurants, shops, coffee houses, libraries and bookstores, and entertainment choices. Homes in the area easily eclipse the million-dollar mark, so be prepared to pay if you want to enjoy everything Georgetown has to offer. This listing is the perfect example of the types of housing you’ll find in the Georgetown area.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is also just ten minutes from DC, but where Georgetown exists to the south of the Capitol, Mount Pleasant is to the north. Homes in this part of the area are slightly less expensive, with many listed below a million dollars.

Mount Pleasant is a deeply historic part of Washington and it has long been recognized as home to middle- to upper-middle-class people. With its own commercial corridor, there is no shortage of things to enjoy and experience in this community, and public transportation options are abundant. Most of the housing here is made up of condos, townhomes, apartments, and semi-detached homes, like this cozy three-bedroom.

Stanton Park

Stanton Park is just a 13-minute drive from downtown and it’s a straight shot down Massachusetts Avenue, which will have you there before you know it. Stanton Park is also just minutes from Capitol Hill, so you’ll be able to witness our government in action any time you wish.

People love living in Stanton Hill because it is filled with restaurants, shopping opportunities, cafes, fitness centers, and parks. There are also plenty of schools in the area for those moving to Washington with children.

Despite having so much going for it, Stanton Park’s real estate is surprisingly affordable, with several listings under a million dollars up for sale. This charming condo is just one example, and it’ll put you two blocks from Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court!
short commute to DC

Ivy City

Living in Ivy City will give you a 12-minute commute to the Capitol. The housing in this area is mostly comprised of luxury condominiums, with plenty of brand-new options recently made available to the market. You can expect top-of-the-line features like quartz countertops, oak hardwood flooring, designer lighting, and more.

Ivy City will also have you within walking distance of a rich variety of restaurants and stores. This three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo is exactly the type of housing you can expect if you choose to live in Ivy City.

Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia

Rosslyn is the first area you come to when you cross the river into Virginia. This is a prominent region where the housing prices easily reach into the millions. Arlington is where many of the top personnel in the nation’s government lives, so don’t be surprised if you cross paths with a senator or congressman while dining out.

Because of who lives here, you can also expect the area to have very little in the way of crime, and the education and employment options here are top-notch. Despite having to cross a bridge, you’re still only 14 minutes away from the Capitol. In Arlington, luxury accommodations are the norm, with listings like this one making up the bulk of what’s available.

Woodley Park

Woodley Park is an 11-minute drive from downtown and it’s located just a couple of blocks from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. It’s also minutes from the United States Naval Observatory and the Woodley Park Zoo. The housing in this area is mostly comprised of condominiums, which can range from $400k to more than $1.5M. For example, this lavish property is located right around the bend from this more affordable, but no less beautiful condo.

short commute to DC

Adams Morgan

The Adams Morgan community is home to plenty of amenities, many different housing options, and an average home income that is 40% higher than the rest of the Washington area. This is a place where you can find an ideal home no matter your budget. Adams Morgan has everything from elegant seven-figure estates like this property to modern condominiums where you can get a great place to live for about $325,000. And, it is just a ten-minute commute to downtown.

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