On a Budget? Here Are 4 Home Renovation Projects That Cost Under $1,000

by Ben SanfordJune 4, 2018

Updating Your Home on a Friendlier Budget

We love our homes – they are our refuge from an at-times tiring world. Home is where the heart is, after all, but sometimes home can feel a little tired itself. And, with the average cost of a basic remodel soaring up to several thousand dollars, it can seem like updating your home just isn’t in the budget.

Whether you just moved in and you’re looking to spruce the place up, or you’re preparing to put your home on the market but can’t afford everything it needs to fetch top dollar, or you’re just looking to refresh your home on a budget, these four remodeling ideas under $1000 are a great step toward fixing up your place.
renovate on a budget

1. New Paint, Re-Tiling the Backsplash and Updating the Hardware in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the room that most homeowners are looking to remodel. But with the average cost of a contemporary kitchen update costing over $20,000, fully redoing the kitchen may be beyond your budget.

For a quick update that costs under $1000, consider doing a slight remodel yourself. For less than a grand in materials, you can typically repaint the walls, re-tile the backsplash, and update all of the hardware on the cabinetry (and maybe even the light fixtures).

2. New Bathroom Fixtures and Hardware

The second most popular room to remodel in most U.S. homes is the bathroom. But a full bathroom remodel, including installing the bath and/or shower of your dreams, a dressing table, etc. can run a contemporary homeowner as much as ten thousand bucks.

Even if you’re working on a budget, you can still update and upgrade your bathroom. Spending less than a thousand dollars, you can get a new (water conserving) toilet, a new sink, new light fixtures, and even a new showerhead that does most of what you’d use a programmable shower for.

renovate on a budget

3. Creating and Reflecting Light

If you’re happy with your kitchen and bathroom but wish you had the budget to open up the floorplan of your other living areas, there are ways to do so on a budget. Most recently built homes already include an open floor plan and lots of windows to let in the light.

If you don’t have tens of thousands to spend on new windows and tearing out walls and putting in new beams, don’t despair. You can trick your eye (and your guests) by refreshing the paint colors and lightening up your color pallet, updating your light fixtures, and purchasing and hanging some mirrors in key places. Often times, there’s a lot more light in your home than you may realize.

4. Making a Grand(er) Entrance

Lastly, and perhaps most-easily, updating the entrance to your home is a quick and easy way to change the look and feel for less than what most other remodel projects will set you back. For instance, a brand new door could set you back as much as a full $1000.

But if you choose to spend your budget on repainting the old one, refreshing the house numbers and mailbox, and redoing the landscape surrounding your front door, you could save some of that money for other projects and still update the look of your home.

renovate on a budget

Finding a Way to Make Your Home a Dream for Less

You don’t need $100,000 or more to update your home, renew your love for it, and make it your private and beloved sanctuary from the outside world all over again. With a little ingenuity, a little elbow grease, and just around $1000, you can remodel one or more of your existing rooms.

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