5 Red Flags You Should Be Aware of During the Summer Home Buying Season

by Carson BuckAugust 13, 2018

Summer Is Prime Buying Season, But Not Every Home Is a Good Deal

It’s summer, and this means the sun is out, the temperature is hot, and homes are being put on the market by the dozens. But, unlike the frenzy that is the spring home buying season, summer is when home prices traditionally start to drop. Home sellers are anxious to sell their homes, so they buy their new homes before the school year starts and the holidays arrive.

This would make you think that buying a home in the summer is a no-brainer. But, while it is a good time to buy, there are certain things you should be on the watch for when you’re shopping for a home. Here are five red flags you should be aware of during the summer home buying season.

Red Flags During the Summer Home Buying Season

Several Homes for Sale in One Area

If you’re going to look at a home in a neighborhood that you are thinking about moving to, pay attention to how many homes are for sale in the area. If there are several homes up for sale, there may be something happening behind the scenes that is causing those homeowners to want to move out of the neighborhood en masse.

This can be anything from property tax increases to unruly neighbors. Before you decide to buy, ask around to find out why so many people are moving out. Just don’t ask the home sellers themselves, because they may be more interested in offloading their homes than providing you with the truth.

Recent Renovations

Many sellers do quick renovations to make their homes look more appealing, so they can hopefully be sold more quickly. But in many cases, these renovations are rushed and as a result, the workmanship could be poor. Find out when the renovations were completed, so you can be more confident knowing that the quality of the work is more than likely going to be solid.

Red Flags During the Summer Home Buying Season

Bad Odors

Summer’s humidity can bring a home’s moisture problems out center-stage. If you enter a home and you are greeted with musky odors, then the odds are good that the home has a moisture or mold problem. Check the parts of the home that can’t be masked by fragrances, such as inside closets and in the basement.

Paint Peeling From the Ceilings or Walls

Peeling paint on the ceilings or walls could just mean that the room hasn’t been painted in a long while, but it could also be a sign of water damage. It is also important to look for freshly painted areas as these spots could have water stains that were just painted over to hide them.

Poor Drainage or Grading

It is important for a home’s property to have good grading and drainage because this is ultimately what helps prevent moisture from entering the home. If you notice standing pools of water in the yard located close to the structure, then there is a good chance that water is also making its way into the home. The grade needs to slope away from the home, not toward it, because water always travels downhill.

Red Flags During the Summer Home Buying Season

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