The Asterisk: Eco-Friendly Architecture Gets Weird in Colorado

by Jamey MortonFebruary 26, 2016

Weird and Wonderful Surreal Estate in CO

It may look like an ancient Anasazi tower from the rolling hills that surround it, but 329 Bross Place in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is anything but ancient. It was built in 2001, and though it embodies the freewheeling, eco-friendly spirit of far-out 1970s home design philosophy, it also incorporates many modern advances.

To locals, it’s known as the Asterisk, due to its six-spoke floor plan. It’s something of an architectural landmark, not just in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, but also among fans of eco-friendly architecture.
 329 Bross Place, Pagosa Springs CO, 81147

A Unique Design Philosophy

Each of the Asterisk’s six wings serves its own purpose. There are two comfortable bedrooms of egalitarian proportions (no master bedroom here), each with terra cotta floors, vaulted ceilings, easy outdoor access, and floor-to-ceiling windows, offering breathtaking views of the Colorado wilderness. Situated atop each bedroom, there’s a picturesque loft with domed windows and plenty of hangout space.
 329 Bross Place, Pagosa Springs CO, 81147
The kitchen wing is Danish modern meets high desert futurist, with sleek, minimal cabinetry; ample prep space; a movable central island; and high-end, energy efficient appliances. There’s also a living room, private study, and garage.

The garage wing is where you’ll find the stairway to the tower, with its timeless masonry, peephole windows, and panoramic viewing deck. The view from the top simply can’t be described. You really have to experience it for yourself.

The center of the home is where you’ll find the communal dining area, naturally. Because home is all about togetherness, man.
 329 Bross Place, Pagosa Springs CO, 81147

Energy Efficient and Built to Last

Colorado is known for its frosty winters, and Pagosa Springs is one of snowiest places in the state. You’d think a 2640 square-foot home like this would come with a substantial heating bill, but due to its passive solar design, the previous owner claimed he left the heating system off for more than a decade, even in the dead of winter.

He also took the liberty of testing his home’s structural soundness by driving a 30-ton earthmover on top of it. Apparently, the structure was unfazed.
 329 Bross Place, Pagosa Springs CO, 81147

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

This home is smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful country west of the Mississippi. Nearby, you’ll find an inviting hot springs, three designated wilderness areas, Wolf Creek Pass ski area, and a wide array of ancient Anasazi ruins.

If you find yourself missing civilization, you can always make your way into the charming town of Pagosa Springs, known for its art galleries, its resident theater group, and its friendly locals.
 329 Bross Place, Pagosa Springs CO, 81147

Who Should Buy This Home?

This home has a lot going for it, and we can see where it would appeal to a wide array of eccentrics. If you can afford the $849k price tag and are any of the following, then you should totally buy this house:

  • * A small hippie commune
  • * A survivalist looking for a strategically defensible headquarters
  • * An avid cross-country skier with a long, gray beard
  • * A birdwatcher in a pith helmet
  • * A wacky astronomer
  • * A design enthusiast who has grown disillusioned with city life
  • * Us. We would totally live in this house.

Back to Basics*

Living in this home would certainly make you feel a connection to the land, but it’s a pretty luxurious way to go back to basics. And at just shy of $850k, it’s not what you’d call cheap. Then again, you’ll save plenty of money on heating bills, and you could probably hunt for your dinner in your own backyard. is the place to dream and discover your ideal home! Are you starting to get the itch to look for your first or next home, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Browse our real estate and lifestyle blog for home buying tips, mortgage guides, DIY ideas, interior design, lifestyle topics, general home inspiration, or just some homes fun. We are sure you can scratch that itch and find all the information and tools you need to help in your home search. Want to start looking at available real estate right now? Head to our home page and check out homes for sale or rent listings all over the country.
Happy house hunting!

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