What are the Safest States in America?

by Christelle HollomonApril 25, 2017

Safety plays a major role when deciding where you want to reside. Not only does it affect you and your family’s quality of life, it also affects those who visit you. With a national violent crime rate of 373 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 2487, a high crime rate within a particular state can impact the buying decision of potential homebuyers. According to US News, these are the top 10 safest states in America with low rates in violence and property crimes:

**Rates are per 100,000 residents.

1. Vermont

  • Violent Crime Rate: 118
  • Property Crime Rate: 1407

Vermont is mostly known for its cold temperatures and pure maple syrup, but as of January 2016, it is also crowned as the safest state in America.

2. Maine

  • Violent Crime Rate: 130
  • Property Crime Rate: 1830

Maine is the easternmost state in America. It is also known for its arctic temperatures, as well as its delectable lobsters and its beautiful, rocky coastline.

3. New Hampshire

  • Violent Crime Rate: 199
  • Property Crime Rate: 1746

New Hampshire, also known as The Granite State, is well known for its many granite formations and for having the first library in the United States.

4. Idaho

  • Violent Crime Rate: 216
  • Property Crime Rate: 1744

It’s a no-brainer that Idaho is most popularly known for its potatoes. However, Idaho is also the home of many precious gems as well as the historical figure, Sacagawea.

5. New Jersey

  • Violent Crime Rate: 255
  • Property Crime Rate: 1626

New Jersey is probably best known for “the shore” that stretches 130 miles down the east coast. It is also known for its prestigious universities and its fast-growing technology firms.

6. Virginia

  • Violent Crime Rate: 196
  • Property Crime Rate: 1867

Virginia is known for having America’s first permanent English colony, Jamestown, as well as of other many historic battlegrounds and memorial sites. It is also has a large industry of vineyard and wine-making.

7. Connecticut

  • Violent Crime Rate: 218
  • Property Crime Rate: 1812

Connecticut has deep roots in American history, coining the nickname, “The Constitution State.” Connecticut is home to many prestigious universities, such as Yale, and is also home to the cotton-gin inventor, Eli Whitney,

8. Wyoming

  • Violent Crime Rate: 222
  • Property Crime Rate: 1903

Wyoming is the home to the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, which is home to Old Faithful, one of the most famous geysers. It is also the least populous state in America.

9. Rhode Island

  • Violent Crime Rate: 243
  • Property Crime Rate: 1898

Rhode Island is the smallest state in size, a staggering 1,214 square miles in total. It has gained the nickname, “The Ocean State” because of its many bays and inlets. Also, the famous vacation spot in Rhode Island, Newport, is home to the first circus in America.

10. Kentucky

  • Violent Crime Rate: 219
  • Property Crime Rate: 2178

Kentucky is famous for many things which include bluegrass music, The Kentucky Derby, bourbon distilleries, KFC, college basketball, coal, and tobacco. It was also formerly a part of Virginia, but in 1792, it joined the Union.

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