The 10 Safest US Cities for Your Next Move!

These safest US cities are great for anyone looking to be a stranger to danger. Although crime is inevitable, these cities are ranked by Niche, a surveying site, as being the safest cities in the United States based on several categories of crime. If you want to live the good life, move to one of these good cities. You won’t find many bad guys here!


Naperville, Illinois is not only impressive in its lack of crime, Naperville also has an excellent school district and an unemployment rate of 3.2 percent which is below the national average of 4.4. Pack your bags, Naperville has a lot to offer!

Four out of the 10 safest US cities are located in the sunny state of California. Maybe all that sunshine makes for better vibes? #GoodVibesOnly

Number two on our list, Irvine, California is a great city if you’re looking to spend an average of $765,750 for a home. Nestled in Orange County, this luxury city and county is known for having the best-of-the-best, including crime rate!

Cities like Port St. Lucie and Cape Coral, Florida, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Provo, Utah, Round Rock, Texas do well in regards to low crime rates.

If you can’t get enough California dreaming, Carlsbad, Thousand Oaks, and Sunnyvale make waves on the Pacific Coast as well.

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