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The Safest Cities in the US of 2019

As we get further into the new year, we wanted to update an article that we did here at Homes.com in 2017. According to new data by Homesnack, these 10 cities listed below are the safest cities of 2019. In 2017, according to data by Niche, Naperville, Illinois was the safest city in the country. This year, Cary, North Carolina takes the number one spot. Here’s what we’ve found about these cities that are out of harm’s way (not really, but they’re pretty safe!)

A map of the top ten safest cities including Cary, NC, Irvine, CA, Naperville, IL, Port St. Lucie, FL, Allen, TX, Gilbert, AZ, Murrieta, CA, Thousand Oaks, CA, Frisco, TX, and League City, TX.

  1. Cary, NC. Cary, which is one of North Carolina’s largest municipalities, is predominantly located in the state’s Wake County. Taking our number one spot, Cary’s violent crime rate is 82 percent below the national average and the overall crime rate is 83 lower than the national average, according to AreaVibes. Not only is this secure city a safe town, the average home price is $365,100, making it a relatively affordable place to live as well.
  2. Irvine, CA. Irvine, nestled in Cali’s beloved Orange County maintained its number two spot as one of the nation’s safest cities. Although much hasn’t changed as far as the crime rates within the city, home values have increased. The average home in this LA metro city is $866,400.
  3. Naperville, IL. Naperville dropped two spots from number one to number three from our 2017 list to now. This Chicago suburb is mainly situated in Illinois’  Dupage and Will Counties. This ‘Windy City’ neighbor makes public safety its mission – the city even utilizes a public safety interactive map to track incidents and to help keep the city safe. The average home price here is $394,900.
  4. Port St. Lucie, FL. This charming southern city might not get a lot of attention but, it’s a beautiful place to live – nestled along the Atlantic Ocean. Not only is the city beautiful and makes for a perfect sunny town year round, its also extremely safe, taking our number four spot. This scenic town is pretty safe, with an average crime rate of roughly 12 crimes per 1,000 residents – typical of the average American city, according to Neighborhood Scout. The average home price here is $219,800.
  5. Allen, TX. Our first ‘Lone Star State’ city on our list is the town of Allen. Allen also has an average crime rate similar to other American cities. If you live in this quaint town, you have a 1 in 74 percent chance of becoming a victim of a crime according to Neighborhood Scout. The average home price in Allen is $316,400.
  6. Gilbert, AZ. You don’t hear much about crime in Arizona (at least, we don’t on the East Coast), and that’s a good thing! Making our list as the sixth safest city in the nation, Gilbert, Arizona fits the bill for a crime stomping city with major amenities. Gilbert is the fifth-largest municipality in the Phoenix metro.The city has maintained the number six spot on multiple lists for 2018 including WalletHub. The average home price in Gilbert is $331,800.
  7. Murrieta, CA. Murrieta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the State of California. Located in Riverside County just south of Los Angeles County, this SoCal (Southern California) city offers a reprieve to the busyness of major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles. More than a few miles from SoCal’s major metros make this town a great place to settle in if you need a break from the high crime of the big city. The average home price in Murrietta is $431,600.
  8. Thousand Oaks, CA. The ‘Oaks,’ as it’s nicknamed is one of California’s most affluent cities, its property values and popularity is along the lines of Calabasas, Malibu, and Simi Valley. Being that its one of the state’s more opulent communities, crime is usually down. The overall crime rate in Thousand Oaks is 15 crimes for every 1,000 residents according to Neighborhood Scout. The average home price in the ‘Oaks’ is $728,200.
  9. Frisco, TX. Just north of Dallas, Frisco was the fastest-growing city in the nation in 2017. Today, the city does a fine job of keeping crime to a minimum. According to AreaVibes, the crime rate here is 42 percent lower than the national average. The average home price in Frisco is $397,700.
  10. League City, TX. The final city on our list is another ‘Lone Star State’ staple. Apparently, this state has some really safe cities (probably thanks to Walker Texas Ranger, just kidding). League City is located in the Greater Houston metro. For every 100,000 residents in the city, there are just over 4 crimes daily according to AreaVibes. The average home price is $262,100.
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