Staging Your Home on a Budget

by Alex ThatcherMay 3, 2017

5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Selling a home is like asking a boy or a girl to dance; whether you think so or not, there is definitely strategy involved. You have to look your absolute best and you have to be as appealing as possible if you want their answer to be “Yes.” In the world of real estate, this is what is known as “staging your home.” You make your home as appealing as possible in order to attract more buyers.

Unfortunately, for years, home sellers believed effective staging could only be accomplished through expensive professionals. But in reality, when it comes to selling a home, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it look good to potential buyers. Here are our top five tips for staging your home on a budget, just in time for the spring and summer selling seasons.
Staging Your Home on a Budget

#1: Get Rid of the Clutter

You might be able to see through all of your clutter, but home buyers want nothing to do with it. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the home, so you don’t want to cloud their vision with all of your tchotchkes or “collectables.”

Clean up and clear out anything that doesn’t need to be there. Pack it all up in boxes and rent space at a local storage service to store it all in. Here’s a tip – think of your home like it’s a model home in a new development, and get rid of everything that shouldn’t be there.
Staging Your Home on a Budget

#2: Give Your Rooms a Neutral Makeover

Purple might be your favorite color, but let’s be honest; that color isn’t going to be preferred by many buyers. Studies have proven for years that neutral-colored interiors are just more pleasing to buyers because they serve as a blank canvas for their unique tastes and preferences.

When a buyer is too overwhelmed by the seller’s taste or choice in home decor, there’s no room left for their imagination to flow. A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint on the walls, doors, and trim will make your home look fresh and new, and that’s just what buyers want.
Staging Your Home on a Budget

#3: Think About Lighting

Lighting plays a much larger role than one might think when trying to sell a home. If the home is being shown during the day, you want to be able to make the best use of natural sources of light. You can do this by replacing your winter drapes with lighter curtains and cleaning your windows so more natural light gets in.

In the evening, the right wattage bulbs in strategically placed lamps will lend a warm and cozy feel to the space that will help make it more inviting. If necessary, you can freshen up your lamps with new shades.
Staging Your Home on a Budget

#4: Clean Up Your Lawn, Front and Back

Curb appeal is crucial for a home on the market because what a buyer sees when they drive up to a home helps form their overall impression of it. So, an ugly, unkempt yard or moss growing on your siding will have potential buyers walking into the home with lowered expectations. As such, they will easily find other “problems” in the home.

But, if your front yard is clean and tidy, your siding is sparkling, and the backyard is nice and organized, then your home will be looked at in a more positive light. Another helpful tip – make sure your house numbers are in a style that is consistent with your home’s architectural style. Update them if necessary.
Staging Your Home on a Budget

#5: Deodorize the Home

You live in your home, so you don’t smell what others do when they walk through your door. This is especially the case if you have pets. When you’re trying to sell a home, you want it to smell fresh and clean. So, before a showing, clean and deodorize every room.

Close all of the sink and tub drains and take out the trash. You’ll also want to remove any cats and their litter boxes from the home. Here’s another tip – place air fresheners around the home to help mask odors. Or, you can bake a sheet of cookies or bring a pot of water with cinnamon sticks to a slow rolling boil on the range.

Why spend thousands of dollars for a professional stager when you can enhance your home’s look over the course of a weekend and with it barely making a dent in your bank account? All it takes is some elbow grease and some simple materials, and your home will be so much more inviting to buyers that you just might find yourself caught in a bidding war this spring.
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