Selling a Home

3 Quick Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection

In the home-selling process, buyers are usually left with the responsibility of scheduling appraisals and inspections once they submit an offer. As the seller, you can help the home inspection process run smoothly with adequate preparation.

Finish Those Back-Burner Projects
That busted up walkway you’ve been meaning to re-do? Or, that leaky faucet in the upstairs bathroom that you swore you’d fix two years ago? Now is the perfect time to finally get those projects finished. You don’t want to give the inspector any idea that your home hasn’t been properly maintained, so tackle any lingering repairs or upgrades.

Tidy Up
Aside from giving a home inspector a “good vibe” about your home’s condition, a tidy home can make it easier for the inspector to safely move about as he or she needs to. It is a thorough assessment of the entire home, including the home’s exterior, so make sure the inspector has clear and easy access to all areas of the home including attics, basements, storage areas, and utilities.

Don’t Forget the Lights
Before the inspector arrives, turn on all the lights in the home. This will make it much easier for them to see where they’re going and assess the property accurately. It will also provide you the opportunity to swap out any burnt bulbs for new ones. Again, your goal is to convey to the inspector that you’ve taken the utmost care of your home.

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